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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Little Men! My Loves!

Remember when I posted about our dog being stolen last march? And how we got a new puppy? And how AVID found out stolen dog a few weeks later? I hope so :)  When I got Spock, my black & white Siberian Husky boy with piercing blue eyes, he was only 4 weeks old. Now, Spock is huge! He is only 5 months old and has grown so much! He is almost bigger than my other furry boy seen in the picture above, and he is already 3 y/o.

Its amazing how fast they grow and how they develop their personalities. He is certainly a leader, loves people and kids especially. His hobbies include his stuffed squeaky toy we bought him when he came home, howling with the police and ambulance sirens and picking weeds from the back yard (which you can see is all dirt and rocks). I couldn't resist taking pictures of them yesterday, I was outside all afternoon/night long. The heat was horrible, 97 degrees, no wind, humid air. I'm just thankful it cooled down when the sun went away to shine elsewhere in the world!

Want to compare his size? Look at his pictures here from his first day at our home :) Warning: Might be too cute to handle!

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