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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fantasy Home Makeover - Living Room Entertainment Center

What is one of the first things you do when you move to a new house? DREAM! Yes, simply dream of all the things you wish you could fill that house with. When we moved a little under 2 years ago to our new home, we came from an apartment and had very little things to fill it with. You can imagine, going from a small apartment to a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home which is almost 3,000 sq. ft. Until this day, our home is quite empty, especially the living room where we all hang out when we have family and friends over.

Our 42" HD TV sits alone in a cut out on an old rolling tv stand table that looks like it will collapse with the slightest movement. The cut-out for the "entertainment center" is pretty huge, we originally thought about getting built-ins installed but the $3,000+ price tag quickly had us turning the other way. So we recently looked online for oak TV Stands and came across the Coaster Oak TV Console available at Audio-Video-Furniture.com and fell in love with it. The huge console is gorgeous and looks like a fine piece of craftsmanship, it would certainly allow us to have a lot more storage than we currently have. The color of the oak console would match our huge in-wall pantry and kitchen cabinets. It would also fit the cut-out in the living room and provide storage and organization.

For frugal people, like myself, a simple upgrade to modern/classic-style corner TV stands would be more ideal. Given the very odd layout of our living room, we've experimented moving around our 2 couches and tv stand (yes, thats all the furniture in there). For example, the Powell Furniture Espresso Open Corner Media Stand would compliment the cabinets already in our home and the simplicity of the living room in its current state. The prices are more within our range and the variety of styles is great.

Whether you're looking to re-do your space or just moved in and have a clean-slate to work with, we all dream! TV Stands are a great addiction to any home make-over project you have going on. With us, its a necessity to include TV stands with some sort of storage space or multiple shelves for our cable box, dvd player and any DVDs we may have laying around. :)


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