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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide - For Anyone: Debbie's Rugelach Pastries

Fruitcakes, Holiday decorated cookies and... Debbie's Rugelach. I like to think outside the box when it comes to gifts, and food always is well received. If you're asking what a Rugelach is...
"...a traditional Eastern European pastry. It’s name comes from the Yiddish word “rugel”, meaning “royal”. Contemporary Jewish-American rugelach descends from this tradition, using a wide variety of fillings. There is no other Jewish sweet that has become more mainstream than rugelach. Delicious for dessert with your coffee or tea, or even as a tasty snack!"
We received Debbie's Rugelach in all 3 varieties, Traditional Currant Walnut, Decadent Chocolate Chip, and Very Apricot. One thing they all have in common is their delicious flakiness and cinnamon and sugar topping. Its almost hard to believe how limited the ingredients list for these little pastries is! Now, I had never heard of Rugelach pastries before, but I like sweet treats. They smell fantastic, but the taste just takes the cake. 

The Very Apricot rugelach is "moist, tart dried apricots with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar for a not too sweet indulgence". The little chunks of dried apricots mixed with the flaky pastry is delicious! I also found the Traditional Currant Walnut irresistibly great. They were both my favorite. The Decadent Chocolate Chip was favored among my little siblings, who described it as "mmm chocolatey" lol. Debbie's Rugelach will maintain their glavor and texture for several months in the freezer, but there was non left over to save this time around.

At $9.95 for a pack of 8, Debbie's Rugelach is certainly a great gift idea for the foodie friends you have. Also, at $19.95 for a pack 18 they are a wonderful idea for Holiday parties. Debbie's Rugelach also have a special promotion where you get a FREE 8-piece assorted bag with the purchase of $25+ or if you refer 2+ friends! Treat your friends and family to some Rugelach! :)

Debbie’s Rugelach will maintain their flavor and texture for several months in the freezer. They can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated in an air tight container for at least a couple of weeks. They are great warm, too. You can take them straight from the freezer or at room temperature to the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question,  from the company or their representing  PR company,  free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide - For The Kids: Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Vol.3

Great Holiday Gifts come in all forms, DVDs are always a great gift to receive. Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Vol. 3 was released on DVD October 4th from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. The DVD is packed full with 14 episode, both new and old:
  1. Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life
  2. Bad Say at Cat Rock
  3. Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
  4. Beach Bully Bingo
  5. A Life Less Guarded
  6. Northern Light Fish
  7. Doggone Hill Dog
  8. Love Me, Love My Mouse 
  9. Sasquahed
  10. Shutter Bugged Cat
  11. Snow Mouse
  12. The Unshrinkable Mouse
  13. Spook House Mouse
  14. Don’t Bring Your Pet to School Day
With so many kids shows on T.V. to choose from nowadays, its great to find my siblings interested in the classic Tom & Jerry cartoon show. Watching the DVD with them brought back memories of when I would watch them in the morning on Saturdays. Tom & Jerrys antics never get old, and I believe they will continue to entertain children and adults generation after generation. This is a great stocking stuffer for kids or even adult for the Holidays! I particularly liked that they had Spanish subtitles that allowed us to watch it with our parents. Tom & Jerry: Fur Fluing Adventures Vol. 3 is available online for only $9.99 so grab yours soon!

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question,  from the company or their representing  PR company,  free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

Target Weekly Ad for 11/20 - 11/23

Target Logo
Here is a partial list of deals for the Target Weekly Ad of November 20, 2011 I don't list the whole ad, just Grocery, Pets, Beauty, Household. Mainly, only sections that contains items that can be matched with coupons. Remember, Ads may be regional and vary, I'm in the Los Angeles Area in Southern California. This is the Target Weekly Ad for 11/20 - 11/23, for the Target Black Friday Ad, click here; It is valid for 11/24 - 11/26

New to couponing at Target? Check out the Target 101 starter post for info and policies.

Fresh Broccoli or Caulifower $1.79
Carrots, Bag (1lb.) or Whole White Mushrooms (8oz.) $1.49
Clementine's Bag (3lb.) $3.99
Green Giant Fresh Celery $0.99
Del Monte Canned Vegetables, Select $0.49
Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables 5/$5
-$1/3 Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables Target Coupon Thanksgiving Booklet x12/31
Market Pantry Russet Potatoes (5lb.) $1.99
Archer Farms Spiral Sliced Honey Ham $1.89/lb
Market Pantry Frozen Turkey Breast $0.99/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkey $0.97/lb
Hormel Black Label Bacon $4.29
Market Pantry Dozen Large Eggs $1.29
-$0.55/2 dozen Eggs coupon (printable)
Marie Callender’s Frozen Pies (36-48oz.) $4.99
-$1.50/2 Marie Callender’s Frozen pie AND Reddi Wip Topping Target Q x12/6
-$1/1 Marie Callenders Pie 26 oz+ 11/13 SS x12/31
Kraft Cheese Block or Shredded (7-8oz.) $2.29
-$0.75/2 Kraft cheese items (Excl Single Serve) Target Q x12/6
Market Pantry Dinner Rolls (12ct.) $1.79

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (1pt.) $3.25
Breyers Ice Cream (1.5qt.) $3.49
-$1.50/2 Breyer’s Products coupon (printable)
Betty Crocker Potatoes, Select $0.89
-$1/4 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes excl Buds and Pouch 10/2 GM x11/26
-$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes (printable)

Stove Top Stuffing (6oz.) or Heinz Gravy Jar (12oz.) $0.89
-$3 Off Butterball Turkey wyb (4) Stove Top, Heinz, or Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 11/13 SS
Cool Whip (8oz.) $0.99
Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup $0.59
-$1/8; $0.25/4 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups 11/6 SS x1/15/12
-$0.40/4; $0.25/3 Campbell’s Great For Cooking Soups 10/9 SS x12/15

French’s French Fried Onions (6oz.) $2.79
-$0.50/1; $1/2 French’s French Fried Onions 11/6 SS x12/31
Swanson Chicken Broth Can (14oz.) $0.59
-$0.50/5 Swanson Broth Cans 11-6-11 SS x12/31
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Select $2.99
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 10/16 RP x11/27
Lay’s Potato Chips, Select 2/$5
Market Pantry Pumpkin Pie $3.99
Nabisco Holiday Oreo Cookies $2.99

Archer Farms Coffee (12oz.) $6.49
Market Pantry Milk $3.49/gal
Pepsi Products; Cans (12pk., 12oz.) or Bottles (6pk.) $2.75
Pepsi Products; Bottle (2-liter) $1.25 (limit 6 per guest)
Powerade Bottles (8pk., 20oz.) $3.99
Welch’s Essentials Concord Grape Juice (64oz.) $2.69
-$1/1 Welch’s Essentials Juice Cocktail Blend 64 oz 11/6 SS x2/6/12
-$1/1 Welch’s Grape Juice or Grape Juice Blend 64 oz 9/25 SS x12/31
Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice $2.69
-B2G1: FREE Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice 4 Pack wyb 2 64 oz Juice (printable)
Robert Mondavi Wine (750ml.) $8.49
-$1.50/1 Robert Mondavi Private Selection or Ravenswood 750 ml 11/13 SS 

Click "Read More..." Below To See The Rest Of The Target Ad:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Students - How To Cut Your Costs

While at university, the cost of food, rent, travel and socialising can often get too much - and can leave students in unmanageable debt.

So, what can students do at university to help them afford their day-to-day living costs without running up huge debts?
  • Firstly, they should create a budget. This is one of the most important things to do while at university. All they need to do is write down everything they earn/receive, and then write down everything they spend each month. By doing this, they can see if/where they are wasting money that should be used for other things (such as food or rent costs). Budgeting can also help them remain in control of their financial situation - allowing them to spot warning signs before problems escalate.
  • Secondly, they should look into sharing the cost of living with their friends. If they simply share the cost of a weekly shop, then they could save hundreds of pounds over the course of the year. Sharing a weekly shop doesn't have to be hard - it just means they will have to plan out what they intend to eat for the rest of the week. And if they can eat the same as their friend for at least one daily meal, then they will save even more money!
  • Finally, students could walk/cycle to class instead of get the bus! In some cases, students will live quite a way away from campus, and have to get the bus in. However, if they were to set off a little earlier and walk/cycle there, they could save themselves a considerable amount of money over the term.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MasterCard's "Here's To Mom" $20 Gift Card Promotion

Its time for the Holidays and MasterCard has a great promotion that will reward you during one of the seasons where we tend to spend more. MasterCard's "Here's To Mom" $20 Promotion runs from November 15 - December 31st. Its quite simple, if you have a MasterCard Credit or Debit card, just head to MasterCard Holiday Rewards Page and enroll with you MasterCard's number and your email. After that, you can shop online during the promotion and after spending $200 you will receive an email to redeem you MasterCard $20 Gift Card.

MasterCard “Here’s To Mom” $20 Promotion:
  • The program runs from November 15 – December 31
  • All you and your readers have to do to receive your $20 MasterCard gift card is go to this link – http://bit.ly/MasterCardHolidayRewards (this is the bitly link I created so we can better track our progress, similar to the Nivea contest J)
  • Enroll with your MasterCard card number and e-mail address, shop online with that card between November 15 and December 31, 2011.
  • After spending $200 online you’ll receive and e-mail where you can redeem your MasterCard gift card reward.

Free Limes wyb Best Foods Mayo MF Coupon In Superior Grocers Ad

Superior Grocers weekly ad for 11/16 - 11/22 has a great manufacturer coupon for FREE Limes wyb Best Food Mayo. These type of coupons are quite rare. It expires on 12/31 so you have a little while to pair it with a good sale. There is also a manufacturer coupon for Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the ad. So, if you have a Superior Grocers store near you and you get their ad in your mail, make sure you check for the coupons before you get rid of the ad.

Manufacturer coupon in Vallarta Supermarket ad:
-FREE Lime (Up To $1.50) wyb (1) Best Food Mayonnaise (30oz.) x12/31
-$0.50/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Packages x11/26

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway - EatSmart Precision Digital Luggage Scale

Holidays are great, a lot of people opt to travel during this time. Travel, the Holiday season, the airport, unexpected luggage fees all can quickly lead to stress. Packing and luggage weighing is something we all have to do when we travel, and if you don't have a good scale, you can end up paying hefty fees at the airport.
EatSmart is a great company that sells kitchen, bathroom AND luggage scales to make things easier for us. We received their EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale to review. The scale has a SmartGrip and a 110lb. capacity. What makes this Luggage Scale great it the fact that its handheld, meaning you can wrap and secure its belt on the handles of your luggage, lift and weigh. Its digital blue-lit LCD screen it very crisp and easy to read, even at night. 

My family and I had a trip planned for this December, but due to unfortunate financial circumstances we were forced to postpone it until next year. However, some of my uncles and aunt are left a week and packed with the help of my EatSmart Digital Scale. We used to use a regular bathroom scale with blocks to balance suitcases before, and always had to rearrange and open suitcases in the airport during check-in to avoid fees. Using the luggage scale was a breeze. When they went to check their luggage in, there was a difference of about .5 on the luggage. Everything went smoothly and no surprise fees thanks to the EatSmart Luggage Scale. Its definitely a must-have gift for travelers in your life! It retails for $19.99 and will make a great stocking stuffer too!

Want to win an EatSmart Digital Luggage Scale? Click "read more..." to enter the giveaway!

WUC - Coupon Preview Wednesday For 9/20

WUC Logo
Every Wednesday  I will be posting EARLY PREVIEWS available through (WUC) WeUseCoupons.com. I will be highlighting the best deals from (2) particular stores; CVS and Walgreens. Don't worry though, you guys will still have your Target Ad + Coupon Match-Ups too! So make sure to drop by Wednesdays and check the early previews here at Student-Saving-Bucks. I will have an individual post for each store. This main post will be used to direct you to early coupon insert previews.

This upcoming week you will have (3) Coupon Inserts. The preview(s) are already available below, so click to get a very early preview of the great coupons for this upcoming Sunday.

Coupon Previews from WUC:
WUC has a pay-per-click Affiliates Program. If you're interested click here to join. New sign ups get a $3 bonus! If you do, please list "SSBucks" as your referrer and let me know you did. Thanks

WUC - CVS Early Preview + Deals for 11/20 - 11/26

CVS Deals on WUC Early preview of the CVS Ad for 11/20 w/ coupon match-ups. The full Ad scan is available. Here are a few highlighted deals from the CVS Ad 11/20 - 11/26:

Excedrin Bonus Pack Extra Strength (8ct.) (Get $0.99 ECB) - $0.99
-$1/1 Colgate Optic White toothpaste 4oz+ 11/3 SS
Total: $0.99 after coupon and ECB

Ricola Drops (Get $1 ECB) -2 For $3
-$1/1 Ricola Cough & Throat Drops 19-30ct 10/30 SS
Total: FREE after coupons and ECB 

DeMet's Turtles (6.4oz.) - $1.99
-$1/1 DeMet's Turtle 11/6 SS
Total: $0.99 after coupons and ECB

WUC - Walgreens Early Preview + Deals for 11/19 - 11/26

Walgreens Logo
Walgreens Deals at WUC - Early preview of Walgreens Ad for 11/20 w/ coupon match-ups. The full Ad scan is available. Here are a few highlighted deals from the Walgreens Ad for the week of 11/20 - 11/26: 

Kellogg's Cereal - 2 for $4
-$1/2 Select Kellogg's Cereals (printable)
Total: $1.50 each wyb 2 after coupon and RR

Axe, Dove or Degree Deodorants Sprays or Mists (get $1 RR) - $3.79
-$1.50/1 Axe Product (printable)
Total: $1.29 after coupon and RR

 Kleenex Facial Tissue - $0.99 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway - Vamplets Plush Doll

Giveaway and Review for Vamplets Plush Toy
Vampire Plush Toys are not only for Halloween, but year-round! Especially with these cuties! Vamplets is a line of adorable baby vampire plush dolls that include Evilyn Nocturna, Cadaverson Nightshade, Lily Rose Shadowlyn, Midnight Mori, Burton Creepson Jr. and Count Vlad Von Gloom. They all hair their own personalities, with some being inventors, bossy, cruel and more.

We received the Count Vlad Von Gloom Vamplets Plush Toy to review. This little guy is an adorable little vapire packaged in an awesome coffin box. Although he looks cute and innocent he is described as,
"...a descended from a direct line that dates back to Count Dracula. Therefore he is arrogant...he's royalty after all! He is never full when fed. Keep a full warm bottle of blood handy at all times. This is a warning! Vlad is totally fussy about his appearance. A stray drop of blood on his diaper can cause a tantrum. If a tantrum occurs quickly place him on his bed of nails. This is a favorite among his many torture device playthings"
My little Vamplet Plush Toy came packaged along with a Disappearing Bottle of Blood and a very creative "Undeath Certificate" from the Gloomvania Department of Deportransmutation with a pin. The certificate states their condolences and sympathy for our decision of bringing little Count Vlad Von Gloom into our life. Overall I think the effort put into packaging these Vamplets is very imaginative. Its little things that help make an impact. The Vamplet is very well made, stitching is great and I love the care take into little features like the green glow around his eyes, the pins and skull on his diaper, the bar hair pins and bracelet with the words "bad" written on his wrist. I also love that Vamplets has a virtual World of Vamplets online where you can head to thir blog, forum of even learn more about your Vamplet in the Nursery, Hall of Horrors, etc.

Vamplets Vampire Plush Toys retail for $19.99 and the Disappearing Bottle of Blood for $5.95. Vamplets online store also sell other accessories, T-Shirts and Onesies. They all feature their adorable line of Vampire Plush Toys! This surely makes an adorable gift for those plush and vampire-fans in your life!

Want to win a Vamplets Plush Toy? Click "read more..." to enter the giveaway!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Target Black Friday Ad 11/25 - 11/26

Black Friday is in a little over a week! I have been waiting for this since last Black Friday! Its something I enjoy, despite years where I have spent over 40+ hours in line. Yes, some people would call that insane, but I'm ok with that, lol. The Target Black Friday AD is out and ready to be viewed! Remember Target opens at 12:00AM on Thursday night this year!

I, for one, will say that I am skipping Target until after 2 or so stores. I see nothing I need, want, or would wait in line for. They have a 32" LCD HDTV for $277, I don't understand that price, since a week back that had a TV of the same size for only $198.. and it wasn't Black Friday! I have a feeling Target is throwing us a blind ad and will release more worthy doorbusters closer to Black Friday. I sure hope they do, because their ad doesn't compare to Walmart, and I am not a big Walmart fan.

Either way, you can see the Black Friday Target Ad here and click "Ad Scan" to see the entire Black Friday AD! Some OK prices I see are:

XBOX 360 Game Console - $139.99
Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook w.1GB RAM, 250GB HD - $175.00
Nikon L05 12 Megapixel Digital Camera - $99.99
Apple 8GB iPod Touch w/$40 Target Git Card - $195.00
Sony Play Station 3 160GB Bundle w/2 Games, 30-Day Playstation Plus Membership - $199.00

Wikets - A Great New FREE Social App; Earn GiftCards!

Thank you to Wikets for introducing me to this iPhone/iPad app. You can download Wikets from the App Store here.
Wikets is a FREE new App available for iPod/iPhone/iPad devices with iOS 4.1 or later. The APP was launched November 7th and is a great new APP that rewards you for recommending your favorite places to eat, shop, eat out, visit and products you have or want. Available via the iTunes Store, its described as,
"...the simply rewarding way to share your best recommendations. Wikets puts your friends' best product and place recs at your fingertips, and lets you reward each other for making and using great recommendations."
After a fast download on my iPhone I was setting up a profile. I was asked my favorite book, song, and restaurant, for which I received a good amount of points. I also got 200 for downloading and signing up with a member's code on Wikets. I shortly received 400 more points for sharing those "recs" (which are recommendations) on my Facebook profile. After that I went on a "rec" frenzy recommending products, restaurants, clubs, and whatnot. 

Wikets allows you to recommend products or just about anything via stores like Amazon, iTunez, Best Buy, Etsy, etc. in their "Featured Stores" area. You can add stores in their "Favorite Stores" area; I added Marvel Store, Ebay, Zappos and ThinkGeek. Place Recommendations are made via Yelp and Foursquare. I find it great that they have a BarCode Scanner option for fast "rec"ing. 

All recs or wishlisting of products or places gains you +1 point. Once you get 400 points you get a month of "double-points" and you get +2 points for every rec and or wishlist. Whats great is that you can friend people on the app, read and view their recommendations and purchase, "re-rec", or "wishlist" it. Every product or place that someone else re-recs or wishlists of yours, you get +2 points. All these points add up and you will be able to trade them in for giftcards. 

Overall, Wikets is FREE (which I love) and very easy to use. I don't believe I've used a social AP like this in the past. Adding new recs takes a few seconds, you can add a comment to them as well. I love adding restaurant recs, as I have a couple friends added on Wikets who have called me to go together. The layout is seamless and very responsive. Through my friends recs they added to their wishlist I now have GREAT ideas of what presents to get them for the Holidays!

If you'd like to Download Wikets for FREE, head on to the APP Store and get it! When you sign up, make sure you put "SSBucks" to receive an EXTRA 200 Points! So after signing up with my code and sharing your initial recs via Facebook you will be earning "double-points"!

Thank you to Wikets for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about the app. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own. #CleverWikets #spon

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hot!! - FREE $10 Off Anything from VitaCost.com = Freebies!

Sign Up and Register as a new customer at VitaCost.com and they will email you a $10 Off ANYTHING coupon. There is not minimum purchase, which makes this a GREAT FIND for some freebies! Shipping is $4.99 on all orders.  They also have a referral program that gets you another $10 Off ANYTHING coupon mailed to you when someone signs up via your referral link and purchases something. Since they get $10 Off ANYTHING coupon mailed to them, this can make for an even better deal!

Blog Hops For The Week Of November 14, 2011

Another week of Blog Hops nicely organized into a NEW convenient post :) lol. Join us, make new friends, and find new blogs! This is my 69th week! Wow! Super long time!

Make sure you guys check out the "Quick Links" on the left sidebar for the Target Weekly Ad with coupon match-ups and coupon previews (updated every Wednesday). 

Don't forget to enter:

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