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Sunday, March 2, 2014

GIVEAWAY - 20 MegaMillions Lotto Tickets from LottoGopher.com

Looking to play the lotto today? Not feeling like taking a drive to a local convenience store to buy a ticket? Yeah, I wasn't either. Lottogopher.com reached out to me when I was craving to buy some tickets after a year or so of laying off. I got a chance to play the lotto... from the comfort of my own home!

That's right, from home. Lottogopher is the only company in which California residents, 18 or over, can legally order tickets to play Powerball, MegaMillions and Super Lotto Plus lottery. Company reps travel to purchase tickets on behalf of consumers and credit their accounts at face value. There is no fee for the service, and you only pay the cost of the ticket. A perfect service for those too busy, or ones looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Using the site is as easy, which is always a plus. You chose you one of the three lotteries available to play, they tell you the current jackpot and you pick your numbers. Quickpick is also available for those too indesicive‎ to pick numbers. Also, you can enter group lottos via the site. You pool tickets and have a higher chance of winning, always a good thing, but winnings would be divided up within the group.

All in all, just the fact that you can buy your lotto tickets in you pajamas from the comfort of your own home at face value is reason enough to be exited. BUT, thanks to the folks at LottoGopher.com you can now win a chance to win (get it?)! The giveaway for 20 MegaMillion Lotto Tickets from LottoGopher.com is open to California residents, 18 and over. Rafflecopter entries.

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