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Friday, April 30, 2010

Vons Deals 4/28-5/4

Vons Supermarkets have stores throughout the U.S. These deals are for the Southern California region. All prices are Club Prices. Good deals are the Free Cheez-Its and $.50 Kraft Salad Dressing bottles.

Hot deals:
(Saturday+Sunday only)

Kraft Salad Dressing 14-16oz
$.99 Limit 3

-Use $1.00 off 2 Kraft Salad Dressing (14 or 16oz, exp 6/19/10)
-Lookout for $.35 peelie on bottles. 

Cheez-It Crackers 7.5-9oz
$.99 Limit 4 

-Use Manufacturer Coupon from Albertsons Weekly Ad ($2 off 2) 
=Free after coupon

Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna 5oz
$.88 for 2

Tropicana Pure Premium 89oz
-Use $1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop50, exp. 6-30-10
=$5 for 2 after coupon

Weeklong Deals

Rosarita Refried Beans 15-16oz
- Use 50¢/3 from SS 4/25
= 67¢ each wyb 3 after coupon

Yoplait Yogurt 4-6oz
$5.00 for 10
-.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, 4-25-10 SS x6/19
-.50/8 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, 4-25-10 SS x6/19
-.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups 04-18-10 SS
- B6G1: Buy 6 Yoplait yogurt Cups Get One FREE 03-21-10 SS

Buy any 3 participating Pepsi (12pk, 12oz cans) & get a FREE bag of Tostitos Tortilla Chips (9 to 13oz)
-$7.98 for 2 12pz 12oz cans of Select Pepsi products.

Wheat Thins or Nabisco Snack Crackers or Toasted Chips 5.5-10oz
$5 for 2

Mazola Cooking Oil 40oz
- $.50 off 1 from SS 3/21
= $1.99 after coupons

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 8-10ct (or Instant Oatmeal) 9.6-15.1oz)
-Use $0.75/2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, exp. 6-30-10

Bush's Best Variety Black Beans 15-16oz
$10 for 10
-Use five $.55 off TWO cans, excluding Bush's Baked Beans, Grillin' Beans and Chili Magic, exp 5-31-10
=As little as $7.80 for $10 

Pepperidge Farm Chunk Cookies 7.2-8.6oz

Keebler Fudge Shoppe or Mother's Cookies 8.5-16oz
-Use $.55 off 2 from RP 3/7, 4/18

Buy One Get On Free Mix N' Match Event

B1G1 - Loyds BBQ Ribs 36.8-37.4oz
B1G1 - Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Lunchable or Beef Bologna Lunchemeat 9.6-16oz
-Use (2) $1 off 1 Lunchable from SS 3/21 
-Use (2) $1 off 1 bologna from SS 3/21
B1G1 - Johnsonville Sausage or Breakfast Links 12-16oz
-Use $.55 off 1 printable coupon
B1G1 - Jennie-O Turkey Store Ground Turkey Breast 20oz
B1G1 - Jennie-O Turkey Meatballs 42oz
B1G1 - Margaritaville Chicken Wings 28oz
- (2) $1 off 1 from RP 4/25
B1G1 - Land O' Frost Premium Lunchmeat 16oz
- (2) $1 off 1 from RP 4/25 
- $1 off 1 printable coupon
B1G1 - Farmer John Sliced Bacon 12-16oz
B1G1 - Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 14-16oz
B1G1 - Barilla Whole Grain Pasta 13.25oz
- Use (2) $.75 off 1 from SS 3/7 (exp 5/2)

Too see the whole ad, visit Vons.com

Vallarta Supermarket Deals 4/28-5/4

Vallarta Supermarkets have stores only in Southern California. They usually don’t have too many coupon matching sales. If you live in the Los Angeles area and get the Weekly Ad make sure to check it for a $1.50 off any 4 2liter coca cola product. This week they are priced at .89 each. If you don’t want to use it there, it is a Manufacturer coupon (not store coupon) so you can use it elsewhere.

Buy any 4 2liter Coca Cola products at .89 each
 - $1.50 off 4 (or more) in ad coupon
= $2.06 for 4 2liters after coupon.

Sobe Lifewater Buy 5/$5
-Use 2 BOGO (print here)
= $3.00 for 6 after coupons

Review - Franklin Goose / Way Basics


About a month ago FranklinGoose.com ran a promotion; for every review get $5 in store credit. I took advantage, given i had bought from them before (I bought Way Basics modular tables) I ended up with $110 in store credit. So about a week ago i decided to purchase a Way Basics 3 Shelf Storage Bookcase priced at $69.99. They have Flat Rate shipping at $5. Unfortunately my item was over the 25lbs limit so i got charged just under $30 for shipping (still within my $110 store credit).

So to tally this up, i got it for FREE.

So i just received it yesterday and am amazed at how sturdy it actually is. The cool thing about this bookcase is that it doesn't require any tools to set it up. What it has is a strong adhesive that is revealed when you peal it off. Its fun to set up. The best part about Way Basics furniture is that its Eco-Friendly. It is made of 99% post consumer recycled paper. Even their packaging is recyclable.

ExpoTV - Receive, Try, Upload

Do you like receiving freebies? Who doesn't! ExpoTV is just that. After you receive your (full size) product to try, you upload a video review. You earn points for the videos uploaded and get rewards. You get 500 points for 1st video upload

They have 2 upcoming programs:

Braun Series 7 Electric Razor 

Braun would like to invite EXPO members to try the Series 7 Electric Razors in one of our newest Tryology Programs. Sign up today to see if you qualify to give this high end Braun Razor a try and review!

Febreze® Home Collection Products

Febreze® would like to invite EXPO members to try the newest additions to the Febreze® Home Collections product line in one of our newest Tryology Program. Sign up today to see if you qualify to give the Febreze® Home Collection a try and review.

Sign up now to get started!

Home Depot - Buy 1 tree, get 1 free.

Well, i went to the Home Depot to use my Buy 1 get 1 free coupon before it expired. Now, let me tell you, this was a GREAT coupon because we just moved into a new house just 5 months ago that needs a lot of landscaping. I got two of these (one sent to me, another to my mommy). Initially i wanted to buy some well grown trees i saw, very green, not sure what kind but looked like nice windbreaks. They were about $35.00 each.

As the cashier rang up my trees and coupon, the machine beeped and she said it wasn't valid on those trees. I'm guessing the price was too high, i thought it was a great shame. I really wanted them. So i went back, got a healthy looking apple tree (with about 10 apples the size of walnuts growing on them already) and a nice cherry tree. With my mommy's coupon we got an avocado and plum tree. 

They were all healthy looking, ranging from 4-5ft tall. Overall, we spent a little under $45 for 4 trees. What a bargain! They even have a 1 year guarantee on their trees.

These coupons came from signing up for the Home Depot Garden Club Newsletter I signed up about 3 months ago and have gotten coupons emailed twice and a coupon booklet sent to my house.

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