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Saturday, September 3, 2011

NEW Target Coupons On ShopKick App!

More NEW Target coupons available on the ShopKick App today. Don't know what ShopKick is? ShopKick is an app available for iPhone and Android devices for FREE. You get points for walking into certain stores and scanning items, you can then redeem the points for gift cards or use them to donate to worthy causes :) I love this app, and another wonderful thing is that they post Target mobile coupons via the ShopKick App. The Target coupons on ShopKick are different from the mobile coupons, insert and website Target coupons.

How to redeem? Simply click "Use This" then you will see the barcode which the cashier should scan. You will have 12 hours to use it after tapping "Use This" or else it expires, so I suggest you click "Use This" only when you're already at the store!
(Click To View Larger Picture)
I'm not sure how often they update their Target coupons on ShopKick but its a nice surprise when you find them on there! :) As of this morning, they posted 5 NEW Target Coupons and they all expire 9/16.
  • $1/1 Up & Up Item $3 Or Higher Target Q 
  • $1/1 Up & Up Baby Formula Target Q
  • $0.50/1 Up & Up Cleaning Item Target Q
  • $0.50/1 Up & Up Mega-Pack Trash Bags Target Q
  • $0.50/1 Up & Up Bleach Target Q
Use code "RABBIT7476" to earn an extra 50 kick bucks when you download the ShopKick app on your iPhone or Android phone. To redeem this code and your kick bucks, download the ShopKick app and go to the "Me" tab on the app to enter the code under "Got A Promo Code?" :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

HOT! @NitroPDF Pro On Sale 50% Off - September 1 - 15th !

NitroPDF is offering an exclusive Back to School 50% Off discount on their NitroPDF Professional 6 software. This will be available September 1st - 15th only! Head on over to NitroPDF.com and enter the code "BACKTOSCHOOL"! The NitroPDF Pro will be only $49.99 after discount! That is a great savings for back to school!

Don't know what NitroPDF is? "Nitro PDF Professional lets you create, convert, edit, review, sign and deliver industry-standard PDF files with tools that are easy to use, and easy on your budget."If you're anything like me, you have a hard time using Adobe PDF. Adobe's software is very difficult for me to use and have never been able to create a PDF on there. NitroPDF has a beautiful interface with big user-friendly buttons that makes it easier to use. I had the chance to download the free trial but unfortunately couldn't use it for long, as my computer was going crazy. 

I loved that I was finally able to edit a PDF. One amazing feature is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which allows you to digitize books and documents you scan, ultimately letting you edit and search them vi the NitroPDF software. There are many other great features, including:
  • the ability to create , edit and convert PDFs, 
  • scan paper documents to PDF
  • create PDF Forms and add, edit and run JavaScript and 
  • create and add a scanned image of your signature to sign your PDF files
  • encrypt and secure documents with passwords and certificates
With its user-friendly interface, NitroPDF is a great product for students looking to have a hassle-free way to creating and editing PDFs for school. Get NitroPDF Professional 6 for $49.99 before the offer ends on September 15!

My 9/1 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 73%)

What should have been a quick trip turned into a long trip. Had some cashier manager type come scrutinize every coupon I had. Apparently, according to her and only her, my Target changed their policy. From what she mentioned manufacturer qs and target qs can not be combined, if a coupon beeps it can't be accepted, travel size items can not be bought even if a q states "ANY size", and my favorite z's transaction and purchase are now the same thing. So I have 6 coupons for 6 items I have to make 6 different transactions to be able to use more than 1 of the same coupons. From her confusing "policy changes" she led on something about not adjusting coupons. So if something costs $0.99 and a coupon is $1/1 it won't be accepted. Wow!

I had problems with my transaction because my FREE SoBe manufacturer coupons beeped. They have to manually enter how much it is, but since they have a "new" coupon policy she said she will only accept them this time. And apparently the 5 SoBe Lifewaters were not going to be accepted because they didn't say "Lifewater". She was ready to hand me back my Qs until I pointed out the bottle did say "Lifewater". So, to make this short my total was all out of whack so I had customer service ring up my transaction all over again and low and behold my total went down. I asked the other lady, who helped me, for the coupon policy that was specifically for my Target store and stated it was the one online. Amazing how I get 2 different stories, so off to complain to corporate I go! They also lost my $5/2 Revlon Target q. Damn! They made me late for my baby sister's Kindergarten orientation too.

Bought (3) Pepsi 12pk. Cans - $2.50
-Used (1) BOGO Manufacturer Q -&- (1) $1/1 Target Q
Bought (2) Disney Band-Aids (20ct.) - $2.08 each
-Used (2) $0.50/1 Manufacturer Qs
-&- (2) $0.50/1 Target Qs
Bought (2) Johnson & Johnson 1st Aid To Go - $0.97 each
-Used (1) $1.50/2 Manufacturer Qs 

Bought (1) Nesquik (16oz.) - $1.24
-Used (1) $0.50/1 Manufacturer Q

Bought (1) Visine Advanced - $1.97
-Used (1) $2/1 Manufacturer Q

Bought (6) SoBe Teas - $1.17 each
-Used (6) FREE SoBe Manufacturer Qs

Bought (5) SoBe Lifewaters - $1.27 each
-Used (5) FREE SoBe Manufacturer Qs

Bought (2) Notebooks, College Ruled (Reg. $1) Clearanced - $0.50 each
Bought (1) Notebooks, College Ruled (Reg. $2) Clearanced - $0.50 each
Bought (2) Paul Frank Boxes (Reg. $2) Clearanced - $1 each

Total - before coupons: $38.18 | after sales & coupons: $10.81 (before tax) 
Saved: $27.87 -or- 73%
Click Here to see my other Shopping Round-Up Trips and how much money I've saved on other trips.

Target Weekly Ad for 9/4 - 9/10

Target Logo
Here is a partial list of deals for the Target Weekly Ad of September 4, 2011 I don't list the whole ad, just Grocery, Pets, Beauty, Household. Mainly, only sections that contains items that can be matched with coupons. Remember, Ads may vary, I'm in the Los Angeles Area in Southern California.

New to couponing at Target? Check out the Target 101 starter post for info and policies.

Fresh Green Seedless Grapes, Bag (1.5lb.) $2.09 or $1.39/lb.
Gold'n Plump Fresh Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breasts (16oz.) $4.49
-$1/1 Gold’n Plump All Natural Chicken [zip 76109] (printable)
Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees $2.50
Tyson Frozen Crispy Chicken Strips, Family Pack (25oz.) $5.99
Hillshire Darm Lunchmeat Tub (8 or 9oz.) $2.99
-$1/2; $0.75/2; $0.35/1 Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, 8 Oz. +, Any 8/14 RP
Market Pantry Block and Shredded Cheese (6 or 8oz.) $2.29
-$1/2 Market Pantry® Cheese 6 oz+ AND Lunch Meat 7-9 oz Target Q

FREE General Mills Cheerios or Trix Cereal wyb Any (4) Listed Below:
General Mills Cheerios (14oz.) or Trix (14.8oz.) Cereal $2.75
-$1/2 General Mills Cereal, Select 8/14 or 7/31 SS

Eggo Homestyle Waffles (10ct.) 2 for $4
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Items Target Q 8/21 SS x9/24
-$1/2 Kellogg’s Eggos Frozen 5.3 oz+ 8/7 RP x10/2
Kraft Easy Mac or Chef Boyardee Microwavable Cups 5 for $4
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice or Campbell's Chunky Soups $1.50
-$0.50/2; $1/4; $0.50/4 Campbell’s Chunky or Select Harvest Healthy Request Soups 8/14 SS
-$1/2 Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Chili, any 8/14 SS x9/25
-$2/5; $1.50/4; $1/3; .50/2 Campbell’s Chunky Soup (printable)
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (6 or 8ct.) $2.25
-$0.75/2 Quaker Chewy Smashbar or Granola Bars 8/28 RP x10/15
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips 2 for $5
Wheat Thins (16oz.) $3
-B3G1 FREE Nabisco Cookies or Crackers Target Q
-$0.75/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 8/7 SS x9/5
-$1/1 Any Wheat thins Product (printable)
Oreo Cakesters $2.79
-$1.50/2 Oreo Cakesters 14-ct. Target Q
-B3G1 FREE Nabisco Cookies or Crackers
Target Q
-$0.75/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 8/7 SS x9/5
Reese's Minis or Heryshey's Drops (8oz.) 3 for $8

FREE Diet Pepsi Cans (12pk.) wyb Any (3) Listed:
Pepsi Products; Cans (12pk.) 3 for $10
-$1/1 Diet Pepsi 12-pk. Target Q x10/4

Gatorade Bottle (32oz.) $1
Gatorade (12pk., 12oz. or 8pk., 20oz) $5.99
Arrowhead or Zephyrhills Water (24pk., 16.9oz.) $3.99 
Naked Juice (15.2oz.) $2.49
Bud Light Cans or Bottles (18pk.) $13.49

Beauty / Health:
Aussie Shampoo or Conditioner Pump (29.2oz.) $5
-$1/1 Herbal Essences, Pantene OR Aussie ETS Target Q College 2011 Mailer
-$1/2 Herbal Essences/Aussie ETS 8/28 P&G x9/30
-$1/1 Herbal Essences/Aussie ETS 8/7 RP x9/30
Dove Body Wash (2pk.) or Lever 2000 Bar Soap $7.49
-$1/1 Lever 2000 Bar Soap 4 pk+ (printable)
Dove Beauty Bars (8pk.) $8.49
L'Oreal Youth Code Serum Intense Daily Treatment (1oz.) $19.99
-$2/1 L’Oreal Anti-Aging Skin Care Target Q x10/4
-$2/1 L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Product 8/28 RP x10/23
Crest, Colgate or Aquafresh Twin-Pack Toothpaste $4.49
-$1/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ or Liquid Gel excl Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar 8/28 P&G
-$0.50/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ or Liquid Gel 8/28 P&G
-$0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4oz+ 8/28 SS
BIC Flex 4 (3ct.) or Soleil (3 or 4ct.) Disposable Razors $4.49
-$2/1 BIC Men’s Razors- Comfort 3 Advanced 6 ct or Flex 4 3 ct Target Q
-$2/1 Bic Razor, any (excludes trial size) 7/31 SS x9/11

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb Any (2) Playtex Tampons (36ct.):
Playtex Tampons (36ct.) $6.99
-$2/1 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons 18ct+ 8/14 SS x10/9

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Semester Has Started, +Updates and VOTE For Next $50 Gift Card Giveway!

Things have been so hectic lately. We're still buying stuff and stocking up on things for our month-long trip in December. We have yet to buy the plane tickets, $800 is too much for each person so we're hoping it drops, and fast.

On another note, today was orientation for Kindergarten kids at our local school. We took my baby sister since she will be starting school next week. She is not used to being around so many kids but looked as if she would handle the situation well. The classroom was big and the teacher seemed very friendly. We donated a couple bags of things to her class and my little brothers (starting 4th grade) class that they might need;  Kleenex, Scissors, Notebooks, Paper, Crayons, Index Card and a lot more. All back-to-school things were at 50% Clearance at Target today so we thought it would be nice to send some off. Its amazing how many people think she is my child. I just reply with "Oh no, I'm too young for that" lol. After that she felt a little hungry so we stopped by Carl's Jr, as the picture above shows how exhausted she was from a 'long' day.

I just started a new semester at my college a week ago and everything is running smoothly so far. I have a bunch of reviews scheduled to post this month, mostly travel-related so keep an eye out! :) Also, more good news is I got a new camera (a couple weeks ago). After a rude classmate broke my camera I had to buy a new one. It was on the pricey side but I love it. Its a Samsung PL120 and has 14-megapixels and 2 LCDs; the regular LCD on the back and one of the front for self-portraits and all! :) So cute!

Another update, I'll be cleaning out my coupon jungle again this weekend, does anyone think it'll beat the last coupon jungle clean out? Last one was about 3 feet tall lol!

One last thing, I am sponsoring a $50 Gift Card GIVEAWAY sometime later this month and am giving you guys the choice of which one to choose from. I have a couple available so the options are for TARGET, WALMART or GameStop. Be sure to VOTE on the Facebook Poll for your favorite one! Most voted will be the one given away!

Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge; $30 In Coupons

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have adorable furry pets? Have you heard about Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge? If you haven't, be sure to follow the following steps:
  1. Register and receive $30 in coupons from Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon 
  2. Start feeding Science Diet® Healthy Mobility dog food and help your dog live an active life.
  3. Track your dog's progress over 30 days and  share your story with other pet owners.

When you register at Hills you will receive $30 in coupons. By registering and getting your coupons you automatically get an entry in the Healthy Mobility Challenge sweepstakes! In which thirty (30) Winners will receive FREE PET FOOD for a year! Be sure to check out Hill's Pet Nutrition. Their Science Diet Healthy Mobility dog food contains omega-3 fatty acids which improved joint flexibility in just 30 days and even comes with a 100% Guarantee (or your money back).

Keeping my 3 dogs healthy is a priority to me. I want to see them live long wonderful lives. My oldest boy is already over 3 years old, my little girl is 2 years old, and the baby of the house is only 8 months. They love to run around and my two boys are Siberian Huskies, an very active working-dog breed. I want to see them this active 5 and even 10 years from now. Be sure to register and receive your $30 in coupons! Winning a year of free dog food would be a blessing, especially if you have 3 extra four-legged mouths to feed. Also, check out Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook.
Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WUC - Coupon Preview Wednesday For 9/4

WUC Logo
Every Wednesday  I will be posting EARLY PREVIEWS available through (WUC) WeUseCoupons.com. I will be highlighting the best deals from (2) particular stores; CVS and Walgreens. Don't worry though, you guys will still have your Target Ad + Coupon Match-Ups too! So make sure to drop by Wednesdays and check the early previews here at Student-Saving-Bucks. I will have an individual post for each store. This main post will be used to direct you to early coupon insert previews.

This upcoming week you will have (0) Coupon Inserts. Why? Because of Labor Day Holiday. This is a good thing, we can always use a break from coupons and organize what we do have. 

Coupon Previews from WUC:
None due to Labor Day Holiday

WUC has a pay-per-click Affiliates Program. If you're interested click here to join. New sign ups get a $3 bonus! If you do, please list "SSBucks" as your referrer and let me know you did. Thanks

WUC - CVS Early Preview + Deals for 9/4 - 9/10

CVS Deals on WUC Early preview of the CVS Ad for 9/4 w/ coupon match-ups. The full Ad scan is available. Here are a few highlighted deals from the CVS Ad 9/4 - 9/10:

Hershey’s Air Delight Bar (144oz.) (get $0.99 ECB) - $0.99
-BOGO Hershey's Air Delight Aerated Milk Chocolate Bar WYB Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar 8/28 SS
Total: FREE wyb 2 after coupons and ECB (Limit 1)

Carefree Body Shape Pantiliners (20-20ct.) (get $1 ECB) - $1
-$0.50/1 Carefree Product 8/21 SS
Total: $0.50 Money Maker after coupon & ECB (Limit 1)

Keebler Granola Fudge or Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars (6.3-7.4oz.) - 2 for $5
-$0.75/1 Keebler Granloa Fudge Bars 7/10 RP x9/4
Total: $0.75 each wyb 2 after coupons and ECB (Limit 1)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WUC - Walgreens Early Preview + Deals for 9/4- 9/10

Walgreens Logo
Walgreens Deals at WUC - Early preview of Walgreens Ad for 8/28 w/ coupon match-ups. The full Ad scan is available. Here are a few highlighted deals from the Walgreens Ad for the week of 9/4 - 9/10:
Mitchum Deodorant (.15oz.) (get $2 RR) - $2.99
-$1/1 Mitchum Deodorant 8/21 SS 
Total: FREE after RR and coupon
Aussie or Herbal Essence Hair Care (6-14oz.) (get $2 RR) - 2 for $6
-$1/1 Herbal Essence or Aussie Products 8/7 RP
Total: $1 each wyb 2 after coupons and RR
Neutrogena 5.1oz Shave Cream (5.1oz.) (get $4 RR) - 2 for $8
-$1/1 Any Neutrogena Men's Product 8/12 RP
Total: $0.99 after coupon and RR

HOT! Diet Pepsi 12pk. For Only $0.75 @ Target! Ends 8/31!

If you're a fan of Diet Pepsi you're in for a GREAT stock-up price this week! Target has Pepsi 12pk. Can Products 4 for $10 this week. If you got the $0.75/1 coupon in your coupon insert this Sunday and you can print some online, its time to stock up! Remember, the $0.75/1 Diet Pepsi Manufacturer coupon from the SS expires August 31st, so run and get this deal!

Buy (4) Diet Pepsi 12pk. Cans - $10
-Use (4) $0.75/1 Diet Pepsi Coupon from 7/17 SS
-Use (4) $1/1 Diet Pepsi Target Coupon (printable)
Total: $0.75 each wyb 4, after coupons and sale*

*Note - Target printable coupon states "Limit one coupon or offer per transaction". Depending on your cashier, you might or might not be able to use all 4 like coupons in one transaction. If you still want the GREAT savings, just do 4 separate transactions.

Review - Bounce, Tide, Dryel and Downy; Travel Essentials

My upcoming month-long trip is still 3 months away but I can't help and start stocking up on things that we'll need. Being away that long will definitely require some planning. Aside from that, I am having fun looking for all kinds of travel-related products that I can be a big use to us. We got the chance to review a travel essentials kit containing:

*A 3 oz. version of Downy Wrinkle Releaser 
*A Dryel Stain Pen
*Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag.
*Bounce Lint Roller.

This was a perfect little box full of travel essentials to have on hand. The last time we went on the same month-long trip together was almost 4 years ago. We were traveling with an almost 2 and 6 year old which seemed to wrinkle their cloths on the long 6 hour plane ride. At the time we didn't have a handy Downy Wrinkle Release spray, but we are armed with one now.Its ha a light fresh scent that smells delicious! Its only 3oz. which makes it perfect to take on a carry-on, as it meets the FAA liquid requirements. 

The bounce lint roller smells as if I'm rubbing dryer sheets all over my clothing, and I love the smell of bounce. It has 30 sheets and seems to last very well. The Dryel Stain Pen works very well. I've used it on an unfortunate Orange Julius drink spilled on my little sister's white shirt. It works very fast and is very easy to use. The one item that brought a lot of joy to me was the Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag. I'm used to living out of my suitcases for a month and dirty or clean, all clothing ends up in the suitcase. I am very happy I'll have a place to separate them, and it doesn't hurt that its odor-absorbing. Its bright and blue, microbial resistant and made of breathable fabric. A huge thanks to OneCARE Co for sending me their wonderful travel essentials kit to review!

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question, from the company or their representing PR company, free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Addiction To My iPhone 4 Needs A Solar Powered Charger!

I came to the conclusion that I was addicted to "staying powered up" a long long time ago. Its so bad that I sleep with my cell phone on my bed next to me. My cell phone never gets turned off, I don't even turn off my desktop or laptop (they go on hibernate) and there have been instances where I have almost forgotten my bag, but have never forgotten my cell phone. Go Figure!

Being for addicted to my electronics makes it difficult when I'm out and about about because at times I'm not around a readily available outlet where I can charge my iPhone. These moments sometimes spark a bit of desperation and leads me to shut down any apps I may have running, WiFi and other energy-consuming things in order to save battery in case I need it for emergency calls. Now, my last phone, an HTC, had a universal mini-USB which made it easy to buy portable chargers to use for it. I also had other electronics with a mini-USB that used the same portable charger. I later upgraded to a solar power charger which made my life a bit easier.

Finding a portable solar battery charger for my iPhone 4 will be my next step. I loved the old one I used for my HTC a lot. Its very eco-friendly and provided me with FREE power for my phone, and all in a neat portable product! Nothing beats that. So it looks like my addiction to staying powered up will not change any time soon! lol.

Disclaimer:  I am participating in a blogger campaign with Bucks2Blog and was compensated. The views and opinions are my own.

Blog Hops For The Week Of August 29, 2011

Another week of Blog Hops nicely organized into a NEW convenient post :) lol. Join us, make new friends, and find new blogs! This is my 61th week! Wow! Super long time!

Make sure you guys check out the "Quick Links" on the left sidebar for the Target Weekly Ad with coupon match-ups and coupon previews (updated every Wednesday). 

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