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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome Home! Thank You AVID!

Today I got a call from AVID, the company which my stolen dog was registered with via microchip. I thought they were going to ask me if I had sent it the paper to transfer ownership (long story) but was ecstatic when I heard the representative say "Your dog has been recovered...". They immediately gave me the woman's name and number and I called.

Half an hour later I was picking him up at her house (she runs a dog rescue) about 30min. away from my house. The people that stole him most likely took him to breed but dumped him when they noticed he was neutered. As soon as we got out of the car we saw him and he was barking, whining and howling like crazy. He was so happy to see his family there.

I highly suggest all pet owners microchip their pets and register them. The microchip is the only reason I was able to get him back. When he got home, after his delicious meal, he played with our other little dog and finally met his new little brother, Spock. As soon as Spock is older he'll be able to roam the backyard with his big brother. Having 3 dogs sure is time consuming and a HUGE responsibility, but we couldn't be happier. I'm glad there are good people with pure hearts around. We are glad he is home where he belongs.

Thank you AVID and everyone who kept us in their hopes and prayers.

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