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About Student Saving Bucks
Student-Saving-Bucks was created and founded by Ai Mei in April 2010 as a .blogspot and later moved to their own domain, www.Student-Saving-Bucks.com in late June 2011. I actively contribute to this blog (with a couple of helpers in the background) to help others earn money and find deals. I also do  reviews and giveaways on anything from tech-gadgets and electronics to make-up, food, etc. Our slogan here at Student Saving Bucks is "...because students like to save too! Coupons, deals, early previews, reviews, giveaways and LIFE. My blog is a journey of my savings, helping others save and my life in general :) After all, I am a Student Saving Bucks! :)"

This blog is not strictly college-related. For further information on my blog or about myself, check the entire About section. If you're interested in working with us, please fill out the Contact Form or shoot us an email.

Product Reviews & Giveaways:
Interested in promoting your product or business through a review and / or giveaway on Student-Saving-Bucks.com? Product reviews are thorough and always include personal and/or stock photos of the product or business being reviewed. Giveaways are a great way to generate buzz and interest in your product or business and get a more favorable response. I do require an actual non-returnable product from the company in exchange for my honest review. Posts for reviews and/or giveaways will remain on Student-Saving-Bucks.com indefinitely.

Product Reviews Include:
1 - Sponsored blog post (200 word minimum and 2-link minimum) for your company/product.
1 - Sponsored Tweet and Facebook mention

If You Include a Giveaway :
Additional mentions on Twitter via contestant's optional "tweet on twitter" entry
New followers on your social media pages  (Twitter, Facebook) via an optional "Follow the Sponsor" entry 

Due to my hectic schedule, I usually post my reviews 2-8 weeks after receiving it (depending on the product). 

What Am I Interested In Reviewing?
I'd be interested in reviewing kid-friendly products (I have two young siblings; 5 & 9), eco-friendly products, food, healthy food/snacks, cosmetics, kitchen products, pet food or products, video games, electronics and gadgets, anything college-related, among others.

Advertising & Sponsored Posts [Rates]:
advertise spaceIf you choose to advertise with Student-Saving-Bucks, contact us with your requests.  All requests are subject to approval.

#1 - For Ad Space, we have a 115x115 button package for $55 a month that includes:
115x115 button on my premium "sponsors" section on the left sidebar for 1 month
4 - Sponsored Tweets and Facebook mention*

#2 - For Sponsored / Guest Posts we have a $35 package which includes:
1 - Sponsored blog post (250-word and 2 link maximum) for your company/product.
       -Guest posts will be pre-written by you and include a max of 2-links and 250 word ct.
1 - Sponsored Tweet and Facebook mention*

#3 - Promoting Your Twitter Party, Special Website Sales, Contests, iPhone/Android Apps, ETC:
1 - Sponsored blog post (100 word minimum and 2 links) for your company/product and/or their twitter party, sale, contest, iPhone/Android App, etc.
1 - Sponsored Tweet and Facebook mention*
★Payment - Gift cards, gift baskets/care packages and/or payments via paypal (all exceeding $25)  will be accepted for these special sponsored posts.

-Text links (limit to 40 characters and 1-link) run from $15 a month. For any other forms of advertising, please do contact us, as rates may vary. All payments will be accepted via Paypal only.-

Blog Statistics*
Student Saving Bucks was created April 30, 2010. These are our blog traffic and social media statistics. Stats will be updated as they vary and continue to grow each day.  As of January 1, 2012:
  • Total Unique Visitors: 171,151*
  • Total Page Views: 279,188*
  • Unique Visitors Last Month (December 2011): 10,957
  • Page Views Last Month (December 2011): 16,776
  • Google Page Rank:
  • Feed subscribers*: 1,696
  • Alexa: 146,949; 28,280 in the U.S. 
  • Google Friend Connect: 1,579 Followers
  • Twitter Followers: 1,382
  • Facebook Fans: 1,279
  • Klout: 44
*Total Unique Visitors and Page Views since June, 18, 2010 

Brands We've Worked With:
We have worked with numerous brands and companies through blog campaigns for various websites, directly or through their PR companies. We have had the pleasure to work with great companies/websites/brands such as Dyson, Frito-Lay, ThinkGeek.com, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Seagate, Powermat, Hard Candy, Activision, Guitar Hero, Logitech, SodaStream, Powersquid, Dunkin' Donuts, Guitar Hero, Thai Kitchen, EatSmart, Yoplait, CarMD, Gain, Tassimo, Jarritos, Cymax Stores, Whole Foods, Safeway, and more!

Brands We've Worked With

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