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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ai Mei's Random Updates

Hey guys! Remember my post about Coupon Organization I posted a little while ago? I'm so glad to say that its holding out wonderfully (See picture above as proof, lol)! I have my coupons nicely organized in there by date, they are NOT cluttering up my room like before. Although, i DO have to go through the older ones (i have some as far back as May). 

Another great thing was that I'm very grateful you guys recommended the accordion filer found at the Target Dollar Spot. I bought one and it has been working out great too (see picture to the right as proof ahah)! Nice and compact, fits it my bag, isn't cluttered and is organized. :)

My College classes started last month in August and so far, I'm doing ok on managing time for school, school work, family, friends, and my blog :) I don't know why I insist on keeping so busy. It makes me more aware and allows me to be more productive, but it can stress me out here and there. 

The only unfortunate thing is that my laptop (Sony Vaio) is in its last months. :'( I turn it on, it goes straight to the infamous blue screen of death (BSoD), off the charger (after being fully charged) it lasts less than 30min. before it shuts down. And that is on "power saver" mode. Hopefully I can save up for a new one, but I doubt I'll be able to afford a new one. The only "opportunity" I have is Black Friday. BUT I don't know if I want to sit outside of the store for 2-3 days just to get a laptop that will break down in a years time. What a shame, it only lasted about 3 years :(

Other than the unfortunate laptop thing, I'm doing well! My blog was meant to be simply a deal blog but I'm planning on turning that around. I don't want to have about 2-3 different blogs just to blog about other things than saving. You can expect more personal posts on my part. ;)

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