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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Student Saving Bucks Is Changing? Maybe?

Hey guys! I hope you don't all run off, as I will be changing my layout in the upcoming week (or maybe later). I HATE having a blog that looks cluttered, although I don't think mine does, I honestly would prefer a different layout with 3 columns instead of 2. Stick around and if you happen to drop on by and everything seems different, do NOT panic! lol.

IN OTHER NEWS - I wrote a post the other say about some updates of mine and mentioned I want my blog to be a bit more personal. I love variety, and that is what I plan on bringing here :) I not only enjoy saving money (and helping others do the same), I love cooking, gardening, being creative, long walks on the beach and other things. :) Thanks to the Blog Hops i join I have found some of the most interesting crafting blogs that inspire me to make things. I don't know if I'm good with a needle, but I sure as hell am going to try. These bloggers make the cutest things and some have tutorials on how to make them.

Also, its no surprise I love me some food/cooking blogs! I see people with family recipes on their blogs and I'm inspired to share some of my families recipes too. So all of you that aren't afraid to TRY NEW THINGS, I hope you'll keep an eye out for a new post I'll be working on. Its a dish (well more of an appetizer or desert) called Buñuelos, which is popular in many countries (especially in Latin America). (Sneak Peek at finished product [picture] to the left). I will be sharing with the way we make it in Nicaragua, my gorgeous and beautiful country located in Latin America :)

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