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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Semester Is Right Around The Corner!

The Fall Semester is right around the corner. I must say, with my school, the blog, and work, I'm going to have my hands full. However, i secretly, and genuinely, love staying busy. I find it motivates me to do my best and get it done fast. I'm looking forward to this semester, I never though I would miss school this much when i was attending High School :) I took the Summer semester off, I needed a break. So, I'm going into my 3rd semester with Anthropology (focusing of Archeology). I also decided to take an online Sociology class, I hope it goes well. If not, maybe an "easy" button will make everything better! lol

I don't know anyone that still buys their textbooks from their College Book Store. The prices are ridiculous for a book that you're only going to use for a single class. I buy my books online and sell them when my class is done. Depending on the price you get the book for, you might be able to make a small profit when selling it. I said small, don't go overboard! 

While searching online, i came across Chegg.com. Its a site where you can "rent" textbooks and return them when done. They are also eco-friendly; for every textbook that is rented out, they plant a tree (and, i'm a tree lover, remember my BOGO tree buys?). So far, they've planted over 4,000 acres, which is the equivalent of 2,000 city blocks. Thats pretty impressive. With a "30-day Any Reason" Guarantee I'm looking into trying this. Anyone have experience with Chegg? I'd love to know :)


Sara said...

cute little girl, Ai Mei.Is that your little sister.

Ai Mei said...

On the giveaway post? Yes, thats her :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Thanks for all your hard work. I am also a college student that has found the benifit of using coupons, to help me save a load of money :D I love them. Chegg.com is Awsome!! I am in my third year of school and I have saved over $1,600 by renting my books from Chegg. Not to mention I have planted over 30 tree's!! I have never had a problem with them, and their customer service is really awsome. If you do decide to get your books from them you can use coupon code CC101653 at checkout and it will save you 5% off your order. Hope that helped.

Jessica T

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