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Monday, July 26, 2010

Coupon Organization

Coupon Organization. We all need to get organized at one point or another. My room was being overtaken by coupons the last couple of weeks. Monday changed that. My "sudden hit of OCD", as my sister calls it, hit me. I couldn't find any inserts, nothing was organized, but i changed all that. I found a perfect place to put them all and i organized them by date. I went through some of the older ones and got rid of them.

I'm looking for something different to organize my inserts though. I came across something super cute from the Container Store that i know many of you would like as well. (See picture on the right). I am in LOVE with that store. They have a bunch of super cute filing systems from crates, to portable filing boxes. (pictured)

Absolutely adorable! I'm sure everyone has noticed that i just HAVE to have cute things! I love clean and simple lines, bright colors, and... anything Tokidoki. Wish they made coupon organizers lol! Organization is a MUST if you handle more than 10 inserts per week. If you don't have a system early on you will get frustrated. Its not fun searching for a whole hour and giving up because you couldn't find that insert. As a college student i don't even have that kind of time to waste. Luckily I'm on vacation until the Fall semester so i need to get in the habit before school starts up again.

I'm wondering what kind of methods you guys use? 


Kelli said...

Great Idea! Now I need to get to organizing mine. Mine has gotten out of control and taken over my room as well.

smashbravo said...

Once upon a time when I had a brain, I used to have my little organizer for my coupons and would have them sorted out by food, cleaning items, misc.. etc etc

Now I have coupons strewn all over my bag and by the time I get to the store I either forgot I had them and don't bring them out or I manage to get them out half torn and wrinkled.

Following you back and looking forward to more organized posts.

Cadence said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you back. :)

Sam said...

That is a very cute box, I love it! I started off with my binder, then I got the accordian style box folder, then I started getting 40+ inserts a week, accordian folder couldn't handle that so I went ahead and invested in a 2 drawer filing cabinet from WM. IT stores a lot more and most importantly for me it's LOCKABLE!!! I have a 4 year old daughter who wants to 'help' Mommy coupon!!

I still have my binder for when I go shopping etc and the small file folder for coupons I will use.

Couponing does take up a lot of time and energy but so far it's been well worth it.

Ai Mei said...

I know how that goes. I had them with me but forgot i did. Even with my inserts because i couldn't find them.

Lockable? Nice. But thankfully my little 4 year old sister doesn't go through them lol.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

You are a good shopper :) Gerry, following you back, nice to meet you.

stash mama said...

Sorry I am late...but I am totally following you back now! Come check out my awsome giveaways!! Stash Mama

Military Wives Saving said...

I use a plain ole 3 ring binder for now, with clear inserts, each section labeled by categories. I need a system for my circulars and inserts, tho. hmmmmmm.

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