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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To... ME!!! :) #Birthday

Its My Birthday Today
Exactly 23 years ago in the early afternoon, a queen was born. Lol. I'm joking, no queen, just myself. I turn 23 today. Its funny how I don't seem to enjoy birthdays like I used to when I was young. I remember being 15 years old wishing I could already be 18. Well, 18 came and went, as did 19, 20, 21 and 22. Time sure does fly by and it makes me wish I could go back in time to tell myself to be more of a rebel lol. I was terrified of the consequences I would have if I sneaked out of my house or ditched and went to the beach and whatnot. Now I look back and wish I had that excitement, mainly because I know I had a good educated head on my shoulders and I wish I would've taken more risks and had fun. After all, my ditching and going to Starbucks and the library doesn't count as a "big adventure" lol.

 Star Trek Spock Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to all the other Oct. 7 birthday people out there. Have a fun birthday and remember the good times. I, like last year, wish I could have my rum drenched cake from Portos in Burbank, CA. It is so good, but I came across this picture of a Star Trek Spock cake... and you all know my love for Spock, so I would die for a cake like that lol. :) For all of you that have been generous and donated to my tip jar, thank you so much! If you would like to feed my tip jar (via PayPal) click the tip jar image on the right hand sidebar.

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