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Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Type Of Face Wash Do You Use?

Ladies, we're taught to wash our face before we go to sleep to remove all the dirt, make up on it. This is good advice, but no one ever told me what to wash it with. When I was younger I used soap, and that is, by far, the worst thing to wash your face with. It dries it up and my skin felt extremely tight when dry. Horrible. Up until a couple years ago, at around 18, that I started experimenting with different types of face wash.

I tried face wash in many different varieties; foam, cream, scrub, etc. I use to buy tubes in the travel products aisle at my store and test them out for a couple of days. The foam-type face wash was useless. In my opinion, they feel so light that you don't feel like you're getting a cleaning at all. Cream face wash felt heavy while washing my face. I do not like it, but the ones with exfoliating beads are a bit better. Scrubs are my type of face wash. I love exfoliating scrubs because you can feel the gritty texture and you know its scrubbing off the dirt, make-up and dead skin cells.

My face is acne-free, with the exception of some blemishes and random small breakouts. My sin is combination dry/oily so it was difficult finding one that worked well. I now use Aveeno's Skin Brightening Daily Scrub and it does wonders. I follow it up with some Sin lightning face lotion at night and my skin looks wonderful. This and plenty of water works wonders. Anyone go through what I did to find a face wash that worked for you?

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