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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hidden Geeky Star Trek Treasures @ Fallas Paderes

Hidden Star Trek Spock Kirk Dolls
I love when I go out shopping and find little treasures, or things I wouldn't expect to find, at stores. I recently went to Fallas Paderes, a kind of discount store where I always find odd little things that I just HAVE to buy. We headed there after going to TJ MAXX, JC Penney and Target to get new clothes for my little sister. Out of curiosity I always go to the back area that has everything that is not clothing and I comes across a Kirk Doll from the Star Trek 2009 movie (not the original series). I love the movie, so I panic and think there surely has to be a new Spock as well. After 10min. of searching I find the original Spock, and new Spock from the 2009 movie. They were together, as if they were waiting for me, lol. I grab them both, a a tricorder toy, and guard them with my life until I get to the checkout. They were only $2.99 each. Yeah... $3 for my favorite men. I wanted to find the new Chekov, since he was played by Anton Yelchin and I adore him. 

These are little geeky treasures that I LOVE finding at discount stores, its all very random. Have you ever found something unexpected at a store before? :)

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