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Thursday, September 30, 2010

StudentSavingBucks 5 Month Blogiversary!

Its Student Saving Buck's 5-Month Blogiversary! Wow. I don't think I've stuck to something this long, lol. 

What a great 5 months these have been :) In 5 months I've received 77,200+ page hits, 531 + Google Friend Connect Followers, 237+ Facebook Fans and 490+ Twitter Followers. I am very thankful for my growing number of readers :) I love all your comments! And a very-special Thanks to those 8 people that personally emailed me to let me know they loved my new Blog Button (the piggy bank with a graduation cap). I love hearing your feedback and suggestions.

As you guys have read, my updates on organization and other randomness. I'm still going strong :) And, I'm still planning to change my layout, so no need to be scared when you come on and it looks different one day!

Thank you guys for sticking around :) Don't forget to check out my Birthday Party on Elm Street event! I will be having some great giveaways for the event and you can earn some extra entries. Check the event page for more info. on that!

It will take place from October 7 - 20th. So make sure you guys drop by for that and enter them!

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