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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 9/28 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 86%)

Target deals are lacking for me lately. Hopefully this week they pick up. I made a quick trip to redeem my Free Sobe coupons from the Sobe Heads or Tails game. I'm so glad i took the time to enter my address for each win! Now i get to have my free beloved Acai Fruit Punch lol. I was sent a total of 17 coupons for 1 free Sobe each. Also, the Kid Cuisine Target coupons i had were about to expire, i got the last of the coupons and used them. My trip:

Transaction #1
Bought (14) Sobe Lifewaters - $1.02 each
-Used (14) Free Sobe Manufacturer Coupons
Bought (2) M&M's Pretzel - $0.69 each
Bought (4) Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals - $1.89 each
-Used (2) $1.50/2 Target Qs & (4) $0.50/1 Manufacturer Qs

Total: $3.94
Total Saved: $23.22 - or - 86%



*As you can see, my trip included 4 Kid Cuisines BUT as soon as they hit the table, my little sister was hungry lol. She is a Kid Cusine child :P

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