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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tiny "Paw"licious Spotlight

So, I've been giving my big Siberian Husky all the spotlight in the reviews, lol. This is my other baby, Kimchi. I've had this cutie since she was 2 weeks old. Poor thing could have been left on the street alone, but I took her in and gave her all my love. She just turned 1 year old this year in May. I got my Husky from a lady who couldn't handle him, she had previously gotten him from a shelter. I honestly feel blessed to have helped my poor babies, who knows what could have happened to them if i didn't take them in. She did the funniest thing yesterday, she went into our dog stockpile and stole a whole bag of Dentastix!

The only unfortunate thing is that she is destructive sometimes. Yesterday she chewed through the wires of my sisters speakers... which i had let her BORROW :(  I'm hoping I can rid her of this habit. If i could list things shes ruined, you'd be here for a while. Lets just say shes gone through a lot of doggy beds. Wondering if any of you have this problem and what you've done to help correct it?


Samantha said...

following you back!

Liz said...

I have rescues too and I love them.
I'm following back!

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