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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pet Treats & Food; Stock It Up!

If you have pets, you probably buy pet food in bulk. But, when its gone, and you can't go out and buy some right that minute (or even week), its a problem. This has happened to me a couple times already. I don't like to feed them "human" food (raw meat and dry & wet dog food only). I have 3 dogs and i'm super busy. I use to buy in bulk and when it was gone, I was stuck feeding them what i didn't want to. I had absolutely NO time to go buy any food for them.

At the end of last year, when i really started getting into couponing, i thought about stocking up pet treats and dog food for them. Great pet deals & coupons come and go and I've been planning to stockpile for them. Its a wonderful thing to have food and treats available for them when they run out and you're busy. So, if any of you have a similar problem, stockpile! So far, we have 14 Purina One 6oz Bags, 13 Cesar Treats, 2 Bags of Dentastix, Might Dog & Pedigree Wet Food, and a whole bunch of other dog food treats plus the main 60lb bag of dry dog food. 

There are great Cesar Treats that will be FREE after coupons, and my adorable doggies love them! If you don't have both coupons to stack, you can try looking into any clipping service or ebay.
Here are other great Stockpiling deals for Dogs this week:

Cesar Treats $2.99 (Regular Price at Target)
-Use $1/1 Cesar Treats (x8/30) Target Coupon from 5/16 SS
-Pair with $2/1 Cesar Treats Manufacturer Coupon from 8/8 RP
Total: FREE

Purina One Dog Food (6oz. Bag)
-$Free (1)  6oz. Package of Purina One Brand Dry Dog or Cat Food Coupon from 8/15 SS
Total: FREE *There will also be a $2/1 Purina One Dog or Cat Food coupon in the 8/15 SS that states, "any size/variety". Meaning, you can use them for the 6oz. Bag too! Other stores that carry this size bag are Walgreens, Walmart and Petsmart.

These are great stockpiling items :) All 3 of my doggies love them, so I'm sure your dogs would too :). P.S. Isn't he absolutely gorgeous? He is one handsome Siberian Husky!


Sent My Way said...

I'm Saturday/Friday hopping because the internet went out last night. Better late than never? Very neat site, thanks for posting your great finds and ideas.

Anonymous said...

i'm new... promise to post around more regularly!

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