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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review - Vitalicious VitaTops & VitaBrownies

I had seen mentions of Vitalicious popping up all over the internet. I never was into healthy food when I was younger, so the idea of "healthy" muffins, brownies, and other baked goods never interested me. Recently, I stumbled on Vitalicious again, after reading a review. I got to reading about how their VitaTops only have 100 calories and 15 vitamins and minerals. This stirred up my curiosity enough to contact them for a review.

Thanks to Shelley, over at Vitalicious, i was sent a sample pack. I received (2) of each of the following VitaTops: Chocolate Mint, Banana Nut, Blue Bran, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Raisin Bran, Deep Chocolate, Apple Crumb, Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip and Golden Corn. I also received box of VitaBrownies.
As soon as I received the package, I tried the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTop, at this point it was warm. I must admit, I did not like it one bit. So i stuck the rest in the freezer. After a couple hours, I took a Chocolate Mint VitaTop and ate it frozen. Surprisingly, I found out I prefer them frozen, as opposed to warm. They can also be toasted. Vitalicious VitaTops all have a mere 100 calories and contain 15 minerals and vitamins. I also received a box of Deep & Velvety Chocolate VitaBrownies. These are also only 100 calories. I found them to be very dry, for a lack of a better word. I'm a brownie-holic, but these just didn't register well with my taste buds. Frozen, thawed, or even toasted.

Overall, I love the fact that Vitalicious baked good contain absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives. With the low calories, you can't feel guilty after eating them. Their website even mentions 

"All it takes to walk off the 80-100 Calorie 2oz Vitamuffin or Vitatop is 13-15 minutes."

I love the VitaTops, thankfully they sell them locally at Vons, Ralphs and Target, so when we're finished with what we were sent for review, we'll be picking up some more :) Thanks to Vitalicious for the opportunity to review their products. 

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question to review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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