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Monday, August 9, 2010

Get A Free Fun Family Cookbook from Unilever

If you haven't sent out for it yet, make sure you do before 9/14. Get a free Fun Family Cookbook when you purchase $10 of any participating brands below:

Step 1: Purchase: $10 of any of the following participating products; Hellmann’s®, Knorr®, Ragu®, Skippy® or Lipton® Recipe Secrets® products between 7/25/10 and 8/31/10 and mail in for a free cookbook (can be purchased via multiple shopping trips.) 

Step 2: Circle the participating brands purchased with their corresponding prices on your original store-identified cash register receipt(s) dated between 7/25/10 and 8/31/10. 

Step 3: Print out the form (download), Print and fill it out.

Step 4: Mail this original form (no copies allowed), all original dated sales receipts with the item descriptions and product purchase prices circled, in a stamped envelope to:

The Family Dish Cookbook Offer
PO Box 410295
El Paso, TX 88541-0295
 All requests must be postmarked by 9/14/10.

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