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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CSN Stores - Upcoming Review

I was contacted about a month ago from CSN. I was given the opportunity to browse their 200+ stores and choose something to review. CSN sells everything from luggage, to solar outdoor lighting, to pet beds. You can literally spend hours searching and finding new things to fall in love with. While searching i found one of the most beautiful "play house" I've seen; Its a Victorian Mansion and it is HUGE:
We never had play houses like this when I was young! lol. CSN also has stores for a particular category, some for example are briefcases and even espresso machines. With options like that, you know you can find just about anything via CSN.

I will be reviewing... an item that your "best friend" would love. You have to check up often and come by to see what I'll be reviewing. Thanks to CSN for this opportunity!

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