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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Entered! Please "Like" Our Picture! :)

We decided to enter the Sobe "Dare of the Month" Contest again! This time around, no physical work required lol. We downloaded SoBe's "Try A New Look" app (FREE) on our iPhone 4 and had fun with all the different styles. I thought the Oktoberfest looked hilarious on my baby sister (modeling for the photo again) so we decided to enter that one.

We would appreciate your votes, all you have to do is head on over to SoBe's Facebook and "Like" them, then look for our comment (see below) and click "Like". Thats it! :) Thought we'd give it a try, we'd love to win. Voting ends on August 1st., so vote before then :)
We won last time around. Remember, if WE win YOU win too! I'll be giving away 10 SoBe FREE Manufacturer coupons if we win this time to thank you guys! :)

Step 1
: Go to SoBe's Facebook page, "Like" them
Step 2:
Now click here and "Like" this picture.
Thanks a billion for those of you who take your time and vote for us :) We are HUGE SoBe lovers in this household and would love to win!

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