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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great Laptop Promotions For Students. I Got My NEW Laptop!

How much would you pay for a Toshiba Laptop with a widescreen HD 15.6" TruBrite LED Backlit Screen, Intel Pentium processor, 3GB Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, Built in Webcam and Mic? Around $500 - $600, right? I PAID $299! Last week, Fry's Electronics had a sale for the Toshiba L655-S5147 at $299. I saw this deal and literally RAN to the store the next day. This deal couldn't of came at a better time. I finally had managed to save up for a new laptop, since my old Sony Vaio laptop completely died after 5 years.

I can't even compare the two, even though I prefer the Sony brand over Toshiba. I have been using this laptop for about a week and have a huge pet peeve already. It isn't directed at the laptop or its manufacturer, but Windows 7. I can NOT install my Photoshop 7 program on it. I feel like pulling my hair out, its so frustrating. I can't do anything without Photoshop, and I refuse to go find some other low-grade photo editing program. Other than that unfortunate road block, I am enjoying the computer. It has the brightest screen I've ever come across, its beautiful. I LOVE that the laptop also has a dedicated numerical keyboard, not many laptops do. Now, I'm not sure if I'll stick with this one, I really had my eye on an HP Laptop I planned on getting from Staples with the current  $100 Student promotion, but this deal was too good too pass. I'm thankful my parents have allowed me to give it to my sister and pay the difference for a new one if I decide not to keep it.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY A NEW LAPTOP, WATCH THE SALES! Right now, all the freshmen going to college are probably scrambling around looking to buy a new laptop for school. There are TONS of great deals on very good laptops everywhere. Places like Staples and Office Depot are offering a $100 Prepaid VISA Gift Card when you buy a new laptop for College Students (just have proof; acceptance letter, Student I.D., etc.). There are tons of great deal online too, laptops (not netbooks) as low as $249! Also, don't forget, sites like DELL are offering a FREE XBOX 360 console when you purchase a new laptop (you don't have to be a student to take advantage of this deal). So if you are looking to buy one, right now is a very good time. :)

DisclaimerI was not compensated for this post. The product in question was bought by myself.

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