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Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm Ready For The Target TOY Clearance!!

Target Toy Clearance was still around 30% last time I went about a week ago. I'm predicting it should go down to the long awaited 75% by Tuesday next week. I am so EXITED! I hope we can score some great deals on the toys, as I saw a lot of good toys on clearance, including Bratz dolls, Lego toys, Hot Wheels, Board Games, and a lot more. All of the Summer toys were also on clearance!

The toys we buy will go directly to Nicaragua where we will give them away to kids from our neighborhood during La Purisima. The smiles on the kids faces are worth a million bucks! These are poor kids who don't receive ANY toys for Christmas because their parents can't afford anything other than a roof over their heads, school and food, and they struggle giving them that as it is. We struggle ourselves here in the U.S. but have things these kids would never be able to have, so to spend a little more out of our pockets to help put a smile on their face, is worth it

Back to the toy clearance, if you haven't gone to check out your store's clearance, feel free to check out the photo slideshow below. I took a lot of pictures to have in mind what will be clearanced:

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