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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Keep My Skin GREAT During Summer :)

How do I keep my skin refreshed and soft during this harsh triple-digit Summer weather in Los Angeles? I'm sure everyone thinks it involves expensive spa treatments and things of that nature, but it doesn't. For me its as simple as drinking a lot of water (staying very hydrated), washing my face every morning and night and putting lotion on. No, I don't have a "magic cure", I do whats best for me and it seems to work very well. When I wash my face during the day and night, I make sure to use a brightening skin scrub, as the sun tends to shine down hard on it while I'm out and about. As a Latina, I don't have "glowing tan skin", I'm actually very light, and I prefer to keep it that way so using the brightening scrub helps my face from any damage the sun might do.

Also, since the sun is so strong this time around, I ALWAYS use lotion with at least 50 SPF. There is no way I would go out without it. Aside from doing its usual job, it helps fight off damaging sun rays. This is a must to keep in your bag at all times. Putting on lotion after you wash you face at night and before going to sleep is a must! There are many night-time lotions available too.

Water is the main source for me. Sure, I'll drink some flavored waters too, but the majority on my water intake is plain (iced). Drinking a lot of water to keep you skin refreshed and hydrated is not a myth! When you don't have enough water, your skin drys and is less resilient, and wrinkles is a sign of this. In all my 22 years of life, I have not squired a single wrinkle in my face, as I have many friends my age or younger who already do. I have followed these simple steps since my early teens and they have paid off. However, its never too late to start taking care of you and your skin, so follow these 3 simple rules to keep your skin soft, refreshed and hydrated:
  1. Drink your water!
  2. Wash your face and use lotion, both day and night.
  3. Never go out in the harsh sun without an SPF lotion.
These are tips I will never forget, however, forgetting who told them to me is another story :) These tips works great during the harsh Summer heat, but I also do like to experiment and try new products. I have seen commercials for the Neutrogena Wave and have been dying to try it. You can learn more about Neutrogena Wave products here. Anything that makes my skin rituals better is always welcomed in my opinion!

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogging program from Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. This post makes me eligible to win a compensation, all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly my own.

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