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Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoy Your 4th of July and Weather (hopefully)! [+Updates]

I hope you guys are enjoying your 4th of July! Its still light here so we're waiting for it to get dark to go see the fireworks :) I also hope you're having better weather than I am. All last week it was triple-digits, Friday being 109 degrees! The hottest its been here is 113 (record high) so I'm hoping the weather cools off, AT LEAST in the high 90s! And as you can see my forecast above, thunderstorms. Thunderstorms + 100+ Degree weather = disgusting hot humid and musty air! Yuk! I've dealt with worse, but this weather is just gross.

Quick Updates:
I have a new Contact Form for you guys to contact me (its at the bottom of that page). You can send me deals you think would fit with my site, requests to exchange blog buttons, guest posts, comments, questions, suggestions, or anything you wish! My new email is also noted.

Blog button - I have a new one, so make sure you grab it and post it in your blog roll on on your side bar! :) I also made a couple changes to the banner on the page and have a NEW Twitter background. So cute! :) Hope you guys all like love it!

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