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Monday, April 4, 2011

Organization; My Coupon Jungle!

This is a recent picture of ALL the inserts i recently got rid of. I was at least 2 feet tall and looks like a MONSTER! I was time to reorganize my coupon inserts because, once again, they were taking over my space. They were by my desk, inside boxes, on my futon, on my bed, under chairs, etc. It made finding coupons a chore once again. It feels like a load off my shoulders being able to find them quickly. August was the last month I organized my coupon inserts.

I don't stock up on inserts unless I really like a coupon to keep my coupon insert jungle under control. My advice to any newbie couponers is to CHECK first and see if they are useful to you and buy multiples. Remember to also check blogs, sites and forums to see if there are any good (un)advertised deals to decide whether or not to stock up on inserts. It could be a huge waste of money in the long run if you don't check beforehand, thankfully I'm lucky enough to receive a large number without having to pay for them.


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