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Monday, April 4, 2011

Having Fun In The Sun!

Spring is FINALLY here! I love the warm days and cool breezy nights, its just very calming to me. It wasn't long ago that i was complaining about how I missed Spring because it was still very cold and raining often. Well, thats over with already. 

I'm not the only one exited, all three of my doggy babies were! They enjoyed their play time in the backyard today. The weather was so nice we all ended up going out there for a good couple of hours. I just wish we had the means to fix up our backyard, something as simple as a cement slab and some grass is like a dream to us! We would be out there 24/7 during Spring and Summer if we did.

I'm so glad we got our biggest baby back too! He keeps the puppy, Spock, in check. Its good that they are the same breed (well, my big boy is only half Siberian Husky). Its so cute how he starts to howl when his big brother does, and follows him around. When we brought our new puppy home, he was the same height as our girl (shes the brown one in the picture), he is now at least twice her size now, in only a month! He sure is growing fast.

I hope all of you guys are enjoying the wonderful Spring weather too!

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