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Monday, March 14, 2011

My 3/13 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 90%)

There were not many good deals in the Target Ad this week but were some good cheap unadvertised finds. I was relived to find that our Free Olay body wash, lotion, bar wyb (1) Olay Facial Cleanser coupon went through. Thankfully we got a good cashier, yes, we like to "scope" them out and choose a good one lol. So we had (2) transactions:

Bought (6) Glade Sprays - $2.50 each*
-Used (5) $1/1 Manufacturer Qs -&- (4) $1/1 Target Q
Bought (11) Franks Red Hot Sauce - $2.48 each
-Used (11) FREE Franks Red Hot Sauce Manufacturer Qs 
Bought (2) Olay Regenerist Cleansing Cream - $6.04 each
-Used (2) $3/1 Manufacturer Qs -&- (2) $2/1 Target Qs
Bought (2) Olay Bars 2pk. - $2.59 each
-Used (2) Buy Olay Regenerist Cleanser, Get 1 Olay Bar, Soap, Lotion Free Manufacturer Q
Bought (2) Pedigree Dog Food 3.5lb. Bag - $4 each
-Used (2) $3/1 Manufacturer Q
Bought (2) Alpo Wet Dog Food - $0.74 each
-Used (1) BOGO Manufacturer Q
Bought (1) Visine Eye Drops - $1.99
-Used (1) $2/1 Target Q -&- (1) $2/1 Manufacturer Q
Bought (3) M&M Peanut - $0.69 each
-Used (1) Buy 2, Get 1 Free Manufacturer Q

Total - before coupons: $73.08 | after coupons & sale $7.19* (before tax)
Saved: $65.89 -or-  90%*

*I got (1) $5.00 Target Gift Card back as a part of the Glade Deal at Target this week. I rolled it over through to the 2nd transaction to spend as little as possible out of pocket. 

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