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Monday, January 10, 2011

Survey Sites For Pocket Money! :)

As I've mentioned before, MindfieldOnline.com is a great site to make some quick cash online. I have bee a member since April 2010 and the first week I signed up I got offers in my inbox to take surveys that would pay me $7, $3, $5, etc. They vary in time, but mostly take me anywhere from 2-10 minutes. On two instances I have been lucky to be accepted into surveys in which the company has sent me physical items to test out and give them my opinion on.

I have been too busy lately to take a lot of surveys but have made some good pocket money from MindfieldOnline.com I have tried plenty of survey taking sites but they all have a high threshold (which is the minimum money you have to make to cash out). Mindfield's threshold is only $5. When you chose to cash out you receive your money in your PayPal account. 

Its a great site to make some quick bucks, so check out Mindfield and Sign Up! :)

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