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Monday, January 10, 2011

My 1/10 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 74%)

This has got to be the saddest trip made to Target! I wasn't there but sent my younger sister. She had a horrible experience with the cashier. I was on the phone with my sister so I heard all this mumbo jumbo crap the cashier had coming out of her mouth. I haven't had problems using the $2/1 Olay on the single Olay bar that costs $0.97 and there are no beeps when it scans. This woman apparently thinks that the coupon giving me overage is literally taking money out of HER pocket. My sister let me know she was rude, glared at her and was just a horrible experience. After about 10-15min of the cashier arguing that she will not use the Olay coupons I told my sister to cancel the second transaction and take the Olay bars and coupons off the first so she took it upon herself to scan the whole thing for about the 10th time it felt like. After all that nonsense she DROPPED a damn coupon on the floor and I could tell by the total it was off so my sister went to customer care and she insisted that she was only given 6 coupons, but I KNOW I gave her 7 and she went back and saw it on the floor and no apology was given, go figure. Now with the receipt at home I find one Lysol was charged at $3.39 and the other at $4.99. It was the SAME Lysol bottle. I called her manager and let her know how rude this person was. I WILL be calling corporate tomorrow as well. That cashier needs to be re-trained or put in the back stocking crap. 

I do apologize for my rant but this was ridiculous. Here is my super-sad useless and overpriced transaction:

Bought (2) Lysol Bottles - $3.39 & $3.99
-Used (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Qs & (2) $1/1 Target Qs
Bought (1) Harts Dog Biscuits - $2.49
-Used (1) $2/1 Manufacturer Q
Bought (1) Garnier Fructis Herbashine Hair Color- $6.49
-Used (1) FREE Herbashine Manufacturer Q
Bought (2) Vitaminwaters - $1 each.
-Used (1) BOGO Manufacturer Q

Total - before coupons: $18.36 | after coupons: $4.87 (before tax)
Saved: $13.49  -or-  74%

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