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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas With Some Baho! :)

Our Christmas went well, my little sister was exstatic with her new pink Nintendo DSi, so was my other sister with her new orange one. My brother loved his night-vision binoculars, and the younger ones all got a bunch of video games for them all along with some toys and such. Not the greatest Christmas for presents, but with a new house to pay off, I'm not complaining. Especially since I got no presents :( I guess after you turn 22 your parents don't think you enjoy opening Christmas presents as much. I would've been content with some pajamas, pants or shoes. Well, my shoes are usually $100 - $200 so I understand lol. Santa didn't even bring me my Justin Beiber doll :( I'm starting to think he isn't real lol!

On another note, there is NO MEAT CRISIS, as i previously posted about. We were able to find the cut of meat (which cost about $50) and we were able to make some Nicaraguan Baho! That is my greatest present seeing as I asked for it for my birthday a couple months ago and didn't get it. I have won a couple of giveaways from some blogs so THANK  YOU GUYS, those are my presents :) And THANK YOU to my buddy Kerry who also sent me a present! :) I've shown it off to quite a few people!

Did everyone get what they wanted? I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Christmas for us our here sure is nothing compared to Christmas in Nicaragua, we throw fireworks in front of our house right when it hits 12:00 am and go hug and wish everyone in the neighborhood a Merry Christmas. Also, the parties and celebrations are a lot of fun. Sure seems more Christmas-like and less consumerist over than than out here in my eyes. I do love that there are people who still keep great traditions alive in the U.S. though :) I've seen many families with kids that throw tantrums when they don't get them those games, electronics or whatever it is they wanted, lets keep it traditional and continue to leave out cookies for Santa :)

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