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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Its been quite a mediocre Christmas for us but we have our head held high :) I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and with their loved ones and families because no matter how many physical items we might lose, our family and friends will always be by our side, even if just in our hearts!

 On another note, I think we have a meat crisis! We have been looking around for a certain cut of meat and have had NO luck finding it in any stores! Its sold out. We drove over an hour away looking for it and still no luck. I hope we find it before tomorrow so we can make some Nicaraguan Baho for Christmas! Santa, all I want for Christmas is some Baho! I've been craving it for so long, its a very hands-on dish and with our family, only 1 person can make it, if anyone  but that 1 person touches it, it won't turn out good. My family is a mystery lol, its very labor intensive for just 1 person so its a tough once-in-a-whole delicious dish :).

P.S. Santa, if you read this, I hope you bring me a Justin Beiber doll, or Justin Beiber himself! lol

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