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Thursday, December 16, 2010

College Semester is OVER!

The College Semester is OVER! I'm done with finals, and quite frankly, I'm glad! I love learning but trying to juggle everything I do was getting a little overwhelming. BUT, I got through it like a champ! :) Now that my finals and semester are over I can put a little more focus on my blog :) Maybe its time for a little celebration with a Heineken Mini-Keg, these things are so adorable! lol.

I'm so anxious for my iPod Touch to get here already, but I guess it will be here early next week. I'm so impatient! In the mean time I have to go read up and learn about iTunes lol.

I want to thank ALL of you guys for sticking around these couple of months I was in school, I tried my best to have everything up when it was suppose to be up. I like things to be nice and neat, so I have a schedule of when to post what. I'm sure you guys have noticed the consistency, right? lol :) I got a coupe of great giveaways coming up for you guys too, so stick with me :)

I want to try out some new restaurants or bakeries. If you guys live in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area, I'd be grateful if you could recommend some places for me to drop by! Anything, excluding seafood! In return, i recommend you guys try Portos Bakery, i mentioned it in my previous post. Some of the greatest pastries and certainly the best Cuban Sandwich anywhere in the L.A. Area!

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