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Friday, December 10, 2010

I Completely Gave In! I Bought One.

I completely gave in, I bought one. Yes. I did. I bought an iPod Touch. 

I was looking around on Amazon for a color eBook Reader that would allow me to browse the internet, but I couldn't find any I was interested in. I am still very much infatuated with the Kindle though. Moving on from the eBook Readers I searched for an Android Tablet, but didn't find one that wow-ed me, and I read too much negative feedback on them all. Also, a lot have resistive screens which I dislike very much now.

So, I stumble on the new iPod Touch, 4th Generation, and notice it comes with Skype, Internet browsing, mp3, apps, etc. I love electronics & gadgets and I just couldn't ignore it. It has very good features, many of which I was looking for. I gave in, completely. I bought the new iPod Touch, 4th Generation. If you knew me in person you would know I've disliked Apple (particularly their iPhones) & Macs for a very long time. I guess its slowly diminishing because when that iPad came out, my mouth dropped. The thing is a beauty. I guess for now it won't hurt to try out this iPod Touch and see if I really can hate something I've never owned.

BUT, the moment someone like HTC comes out with a tablet running either Windows or Android, I just might go back to my old ways, lol. For now I can't lie and say I'm not exited to see and try out some iPod accessories, they look fun. I've owned plenty of MP3 players, but never an iPod Touch so when it gets delivered next week I'm going to be having fun skyping friends lol. I know nothing about any apps available for it, i have no idea how iTunes work or anything related to it.

I have heard that there are some free apps available so any suggestions about apps for me to download are welcomed. :)  I can't believe I'm so exited. I am such a geek, lol.

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