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Monday, December 13, 2010

Blogger Spotlight - *Looking For Bloggers!*

Hey guys! I'm looking for a blogger to spotlight on Student Saving Bucks! I want to find someone who can do a guest blog to post on here and maybe answer a few questions. I want to feature someone familiar with the couponing world, especially to who are fairly-new and who is gradually learning the ropes to grab the best deals!

Looking For Bloggers...
who have had a huge-savings trips to whatever store (doesn't matter how long ago),
have advice for others, especially those starting out,
are willing to answers some questions and/or write a guest blog,
looking to be featured on Student Saving Bucks

So if any of you are interested and have further questions, email me or fill out my contact form

Thanks guys! Looking forward to doing this more often. I'd love to build great friendships with other bloggers who have much in common with me :) I don't really come across too many people who are around my age (early 20s), coupon-savvy, are college students and not married in the blogging world.

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