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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute Stuff @ Target

So, I'm sure everyone has noticed my love for Target on this blog, lol. They have such cute items, I can't help it. On my trip yesterday, I noticed in the Target Ad there were some cute storage boxes (of which i need desperately) in cute Halloween type designs. I saw one in particular that caught my eye, a clear storage box with an array of different colored cute skulls. I had to get it, at only $5 and a design I liked (instead of a boring solid color) it was a bargain! 

Another thing i needed were slippers and a set of bedsheets. The slippers were found by chance by the socks that i was rummaging through to find some Merona socks (with my $2/1 Target Q). They are super adorable Nick & Nora Monkey slippers. That movie, Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, was really cute! The bedsheets were in the ad too, at $16. That is a deal compared to the other bedsheet sets at Target. Especially since I have a Queen size bed, bedsheets in plain boring colors run up to $30. So, with my bedsheet set came the flat sheet, fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases. 

Yes ladies, that wall decal is the sexy Mr. Spock from Star Trek lol! :) I sleep next to this logical beauty of a man every night. Glad i got the sheets, I think they are super cute! I love them!

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