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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mindfield, Have You Signed Up Yet? Easy Pocket Cash!

Have you guys signed up for MindfieldOnline yet? Its a great site to make some quick cash online. I have bee a member since April 2010 and have been very content with the company, i even wrote about it recently (see here). Since then I have had more money just flow into my account from doing the surveys.
Lately I have been getting more and more emails sent to me from them to complete surveys. They always range from $1 to as much as $25. I have also done survey's that have actually sent me products to do a follow up survey for them, so I get to sample the product AND get paid for taking the follow-up survey. As you can see from the picture above, my current balance is at $5 and you only need $5 to cash-out. Whats best if you can cash out via PayPal to its very convenient and easy money! :)

Its a great site to make some quick bucks, so check out Mindfield and Sign Up! :)

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