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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MasterCard's "Here's To Mom" $20 Gift Card Promotion

Its time for the Holidays and MasterCard has a great promotion that will reward you during one of the seasons where we tend to spend more. MasterCard's "Here's To Mom" $20 Promotion runs from November 15 - December 31st. Its quite simple, if you have a MasterCard Credit or Debit card, just head to MasterCard Holiday Rewards Page and enroll with you MasterCard's number and your email. After that, you can shop online during the promotion and after spending $200 you will receive an email to redeem you MasterCard $20 Gift Card.

MasterCard “Here’s To Mom” $20 Promotion:
  • The program runs from November 15 – December 31
  • All you and your readers have to do to receive your $20 MasterCard gift card is go to this link – http://bit.ly/MasterCardHolidayRewards (this is the bitly link I created so we can better track our progress, similar to the Nivea contest J)
  • Enroll with your MasterCard card number and e-mail address, shop online with that card between November 15 and December 31, 2011.
  • After spending $200 online you’ll receive and e-mail where you can redeem your MasterCard gift card reward.

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