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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wikets - A Great New FREE Social App; Earn GiftCards!

Thank you to Wikets for introducing me to this iPhone/iPad app. You can download Wikets from the App Store here.
Wikets is a FREE new App available for iPod/iPhone/iPad devices with iOS 4.1 or later. The APP was launched November 7th and is a great new APP that rewards you for recommending your favorite places to eat, shop, eat out, visit and products you have or want. Available via the iTunes Store, its described as,
"...the simply rewarding way to share your best recommendations. Wikets puts your friends' best product and place recs at your fingertips, and lets you reward each other for making and using great recommendations."
After a fast download on my iPhone I was setting up a profile. I was asked my favorite book, song, and restaurant, for which I received a good amount of points. I also got 200 for downloading and signing up with a member's code on Wikets. I shortly received 400 more points for sharing those "recs" (which are recommendations) on my Facebook profile. After that I went on a "rec" frenzy recommending products, restaurants, clubs, and whatnot. 

Wikets allows you to recommend products or just about anything via stores like Amazon, iTunez, Best Buy, Etsy, etc. in their "Featured Stores" area. You can add stores in their "Favorite Stores" area; I added Marvel Store, Ebay, Zappos and ThinkGeek. Place Recommendations are made via Yelp and Foursquare. I find it great that they have a BarCode Scanner option for fast "rec"ing. 

All recs or wishlisting of products or places gains you +1 point. Once you get 400 points you get a month of "double-points" and you get +2 points for every rec and or wishlist. Whats great is that you can friend people on the app, read and view their recommendations and purchase, "re-rec", or "wishlist" it. Every product or place that someone else re-recs or wishlists of yours, you get +2 points. All these points add up and you will be able to trade them in for giftcards. 

Overall, Wikets is FREE (which I love) and very easy to use. I don't believe I've used a social AP like this in the past. Adding new recs takes a few seconds, you can add a comment to them as well. I love adding restaurant recs, as I have a couple friends added on Wikets who have called me to go together. The layout is seamless and very responsive. Through my friends recs they added to their wishlist I now have GREAT ideas of what presents to get them for the Holidays!

If you'd like to Download Wikets for FREE, head on to the APP Store and get it! When you sign up, make sure you put "SSBucks" to receive an EXTRA 200 Points! So after signing up with my code and sharing your initial recs via Facebook you will be earning "double-points"!

Thank you to Wikets for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about the app. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own. #CleverWikets #spon

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