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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shopkick 10,000+ Kicks for Walk-Ins to Best Buy, Target, Macy's + More!

Black Friday is finally here, and I say that because everyone is opening at 12 AM and people will be at the stores before that, so Thursday! :) Its time to start planning, going over what to get and who goes where with all your Black Friday buddies! Remember to have your Shopkick App UP and running while at the stores! Shopkick is offering over 10,000+ kicks for Walk-Ins during Black Friday! I can already smell the free gift cards I'm going to get from all my kicks for Black Friday!

Don't know what Shopkick is?  Its a FREE App for iPhone and Android users! You can also get a FREE $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card when you download the Shopkick app through our link, its a special incentive for being StudentSavingBucks readers! :)

Black Friday
2,500+ kicks &
Walk-ins Galore
Shopkick will be rewarding you all Black Friday weekend long.  Visit Toys“R”Us and get 500 walk-in kicks on Black Friday.  Keep collecting by getting 300 walk-in kicks at our partners Simon Malls, Crate&Barrel, Macy’s*, Target*, Arden B, Wet Seal and West Elm on Black Friday.  Thanks to our partners, this will be your best Shopkick Black Friday ever!

Black Friday VIP
 Double Walk-ins
Shopkick is doubling walk-in kicks for Black Friday VIPs. Starting Black Friday, 500 kick walk-ins double to 1,000 kicks and 300 kick walk-ins turn into 600. And, we'll continue doubling kicks on Saturday and Sunday. Score your Black Friday VIP Pass. Get 5 friends to join Shopkick and you'll be a VIP too. You'll get 100 kicks for each friend that joins + double kicks on Black Friday weekend walk-ins

HOT!!!! Buy & Collect
 1,000s of kicks 
with your own
 credit card
Link your eligible Visa® debit or credit card and collect thousands of kicks when you Buy & Collect. Spend $100 at Old Navy and receive 1000 kicks. Spend $100 at Toys"R"Us and collect 800 kicks. Find your new Kicks Bank in My Stuff. Easy as 1-2-3!  (1) Upgrade to v2.3+, (2) Find Buy & Collect Linking in the app under Settings, (3) Use your linked Visa card at participating stores.

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