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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FREE $25 Restaurant.com For Downloading ShopKick App!

You've read about the Shopkick App on my site before, you know that they release Target Coupons via their App and you STILL haven't downloaded it? Well StudentSavingBucks just partnered with Shopkick and there is great incentive to download now more than ever! All my readers get a FREE $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card when you download the FREE Shopick App via our link here

You can read my previous posts about Shopkick here. Shopkick is a FREE App available for iPhone and Android users, find it in the App Store or Android Marketplace! The FREE $25 Restaurant Gift Card offer is only available via out unique link here. You can sign up via Facebook or using your email. When you go to download the Shopkick App on your iPhone or Android phone, just make sure you sign in using the same email you used when signing up via our Shopkick link, if you download the app without signing up via my link, you won't get the gift card. After signing up via our link, you will receive a text message with a link to download the app directly.
Shopkick is a FREE App that gives you exclusive deals to stores like Best Buy, Macy's, Toys 'R Us and even Target, with exclusive Target Coupons only available on the App. You can gain "kicks" by walking into stores and rack them up to get gift cards to places like the stores previously mentioned, iTunes or even donated to worthy causes.

Now, to receive the FREE $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card you will have to sign up via our link and then walk in to one of their partner stores (find eligible stores in the “Nearby” Screen), open the app on the phone and wait for the points to get credited to you on your phone. After that, you will receive your $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card straight on the Shopkick App under the "Me" tab. What are YOU waiting for? Go sign up for this great offer, you get 100 kicks when you sign up too!

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