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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dry-Erase Board Fun, Stranded By Murky Water In L.A. - My Weekend

This is what happens when I get my hand on a dry-erase board, lol. A peanut, with a rice hat on his way to Hanoi, Vietnam. I am no good at drawing but my peanut pal came out like a cutie! I've always wanted a dr-erase board but have not gotten around to spending $20+ for one. So, for the meantime I stole my baby sister's board and got to work. :) She liked it so much she said I should post a pic of it on my "thingy" (blog). So there is is, for all of you to love as much as I do lol. We got the board at Target for only $8, which isn't too bad for its size. Its magnetic as well. She loves it, and its a good tool to have for younger kids, they can practice their letters, numbers and other stuff on it instead of going through paper.

Mini Foods In Los Angeles
My weekend was a little crazy and had something I had been waiting for, rain! On Saturday Los Angeles finally got 80-degree weather during the day. No sun, just clouds, lightning, thunder, rain and mini-floods along some streets. One of them was so bad the water was half-way up the car door.... of our SUV. Its not always "sunnny in L.A." guys, we have crazy weather. I love it though. The rain just started pouring out of nowhere, then came the wind that was about 40mph, about 20min. later some streets around here looked like rivers. Thankfully we live in an elevated area. Thats not the case for our closest Vallarta store. I couldn't help but giggle at the people who couldn't get to their car because there was a river of murky water between the entrance of the store and the parking lot. I laughed and thought about how frustrated I would be in that position :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! There were some great deals at a couple store so I hope you took advantage of that too! Another week of classes and homework for me. Good news for you guys is that you voted for a TARGET $50 Gift Card for the giveaway this month! So, look for it on Monday! Hopefully I'll be able to let you guys vote for a GC next month, but Target GCs seem to be popular with all of you :) Oh and... PACKERS WON last Thursday! Great game! They play the Panthers next Sunday, so we all know thats an automatic win lol.

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