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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review - Unotron Keyboard w/ Spill Seal Technology

Dishwasher-Safe Keyboard, I bet that's a phrase that you've never heard before. I got the wonderful opportunity to review Unotron's keyboard and must say, I needed it. The Unotron keyboard is corded and comes with a detachable wrist support. It also has an adapter or you can just plug in it via USB connection. With plug and play technology, this is a super easy keyboard to use, just plug it in and it installs itself. I am very picky when I choose a new keyboard, it has to be perfect! The way the keys are spaced, the ease and feel of pushing down the buttons and all. I like to hear a slight click pushing down on buttons so I know I hit it, that is why I dislike those laptop keyboards, they annoy me.

Aside from the build of keyboards, I like ones that are easy to clean. I have never found one to fit that description unfortunately. My keyboards, as much as I try to keep them clean, always get full of crumbs and mostly dust that builds up, it makes my black keyboard look washed out and gross. Lets not mention the fact that I am a huge germaphobe. Unotron keyboard have Spill Seal technology allowing you to fully immerse your keyboard in water and soap, wash it, and have it work perfectly fine when it dries.

Unotron makes antimicrobial keyboards and mice with their spill seal technology. These antimicrobial protected products are great for students and anyone who spends a good amount of their time over their keyboards. I can say that as a student (and regular blogger) I'm at my computer way too much. That means many meals are also eaten here on my desk and, well, accidents happen. I can't recall how many times the jelly on my toast just happened to sneak off and fall right on my keyboard. Cleaning it is another product, and sometimes it goes undetected which leads to sticky hard-to-use keys. Thankfully washing the keyboard, draining it and letting it air dry take very little time. Its great to know I can wash my keyboard at any given time without having it ruined. A huge thanks to the wonderful people at Unotron for the opportunity to review their product :)

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question, from the company or their representing  PR company,  free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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