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Monday, August 1, 2011

Frugal Tips From College Lips! Tip #352

Frugal Tips College Lips
Are you a College Student? Are you (nearly) broke? The cost of going to College burns a hole in your pocket and that is NO fun! Thankfully, other college students have many frugal tips to share and help you save money! This next tip comes Bree from CouponsOnCaffeine.com:
Frugal Tips from College Students
That is a GREAT tip! I rent all my textbooks as well, but never considered buying the digital version of books if I ever needed to keep them. I urge all my college buddies to rent and have referred them to a couple websites I use. There are many to look up and compare; Chegg.com, Book Rental.com, TextbookStop.com and many more. Check out our recent review of CampusBookRentals.com to get your exclusive 10% off coupon with a code you can only get via Student Saving Bucks! But hurry, its only valid for the first 10 people who use it :)

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