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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Planning & Getting Ready For Our Big Trip In December! [Seeking #Sponsors ]

Getting ready to travel for a family of 6 is no easy task. There is a LOT of planning, from buying the plane tickets, to figuring out what you'll be taking and so many other aspects. We don't get to travel as a family often, and us all going presents many stressful situations. We are happy we're going to get the opportunity to go as a whole family, the last time we ALL went back to our homeland together was over 10 years ago!

So where exactly are we going? Our homeland, Nicaragua, in Central America. 
When are we leaving? In early December
How long will we be gone? A little over a month (I'll STILL blog the great deals for you guys!)

Exciting, right? I am in the process of stockpiling necessities for our month-long trip. Things like deodorants, shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, hair gel, laundry detergent, and many other things. One thing we desperately are waiting a good sale for is Bug Spray! Mosquitoes are horrible out there in the tropics, and they seem to love our fresh blood, lol.

Aside from the needs of our family of 6 (minus my brother, who lives in the homeland) we still need to plan on sending out our huge box full of toys for the kids in Nicaragua. We already scored $1,000 worth of toys for only $245 from Target to send but need much more to fill up the huge 30x30x30 box. I've mentioned it countless time before on here. What we do is buy toys and send them off to give away over there during La Purisima celebrations.These kids are unfortunate and the toys we give them are often the ONLY ones they will receive for Christmas. We are not made of money, but spending a little more than we have to put a smile on the faces of kids who are less fortunate than us makes US very happy.

As a result of this exciting trip, I will be reviewing travel-related products for the next months. I hope that any other of you are heading out on trips will find it useful. Remember, us college students can often get discounts for plane tickets, car rentals and hotels. I'll be mentioning more about that and other ways we can save money while traveling in the coming months. 

We're looking forward to reviewing some great travel products including Gadgets, luggage, games, portable DVD players, Laptop bags, bag tags, organizers, and any other travel-related products. If you have a products you'd like us to review and expose our readers to, read our Media Kit and Contact Us! :)

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