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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Siberian Huskies & Their Brotherly Affection

My furry babies are silly! I don't know why they act like they don't love each other sometimes, lol. I caught them showing some brotherly affection :) In all truth, they can't stay away from each other. I try to take a picture of one alone, the other has to come by and bomb the photo. Both my boys are Siberian Huskies (the lighter colored one is mixed with German Shepherd) and they both adore howling along with the train and police and ambulance sirens. They are ALWAYS together, its hard to take one on a walk alone because the other will whine so loud you can hear it 3 blocks down, that is no over exaggeration either.

When I first got my younger puppy (he is at 5 months old in the picture) I was worried my older dog wouldn't like him and they wouldn't get along, but I'm glad they do. They love each other as if they were blood brothers, such cuties. You can't imagine how many compliments they get, they are the hunks of the neighborhood lol. Time flies by too fast, I miss when I got to hold my puppy and sleep with him on the couch AND when he still looked like this:

My furry babies are just too cute! :) My 3rd furry baby is an indoor dog, so she is spoiled!

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