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Monday, July 25, 2011

Frugal Tips From College Lips! Tip #107

Frugal Tips College Lips
Are you a College Student? Are you (nearly) broke? The cost of going to College burns a hole in your pocket most of the time. Thankfully other college students have many frugal tips to share and help you save money! This next tip comes Brittaney (@SavingMoney90):

That is a GREAT tip! With gym memberships being so expensive (around $250 a year), why not take advantage of FREE equipment on campus? Its a great way to spend time with friends who don't feel like paying over $200 in gym membership fees to go work out with you. Hey, maybe you'll find a cute guy there too :) Also, many colleges have FREE student activities and events, including concerts, so keep an eye out for flyers and announcements. I'm surprised a couple buddies of mine had no idea about that and they live on campus.

Are you a College Student with frugal tips you'd like to submit? Use the contact form. If you have a blog of your own, please send along the link so we can link to you if we choose to post your tip. :)

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