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Sunday, May 1, 2011

HuluPlus FREE 1-Week Trial For XBOX Users

HuluPlus and XBOX have a great promotion going on right now. ALL XBOX Users will have access to sign up for a FREE 1-Week trial of HuluPlus. You can go here to see more details on how to sign up. Just sign in to you XBOX Live account and look under "Spotlight", click on the HuluPlus promotion and it will promt a download and they will give you a special access code to enter over at http://www.hulu.com/plus/unlock where you will enter your email to sign up (be sure you enter the access code they give you)

If you don't know what HuluPlus is, just think of it as a major upgrade of YouTube with premium access to shows on T.V., as well as movies and others. You can also cut your expensive ass cable bill (Time Warner on my part) and pay only $7.99 a month for HuluPlus. The downside is you'd only be able to stream it through you XBOX console or computer (but you can easily stream it to your T.V. from your comp. via an HDMI or old school VGA cable) Also note, for this promotion you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN XBOX LIVE GOLD MEMBERSHIP, which I don't anymore, so its great :) I just got the email about this promotion in my inbox and signed up, so I'm off to watch House and The Biggest Loser (love these shows) and some other goodies :)

Oh, forgot to mention, after your 1-week trial is over, they are also offering a 1-month free trial. Unfortunately, for the additional 1-month trial you WILL need an XBOX Gold membership... not something I want to shell out money for right now so I'll pass. :)

By getting the trial you can also enter the XBOX / Hulu Contest with a bunch of great prizes!

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